Ford Annoyed Customers With That Other OS

Chuckle. The only reason I switched to GNU/Linux when I did was that M$’s stuff just didn’t work. It’s happening again. “Part of Ford’s decision is based on lackluster reports in surveys like J.D. Power, insiders tell Bloomberg, with unresponsive touchscreens and unpredictable systems particularly criticized.” Ford is dropping M$’s embedded OS in favour of BlackBerry. I guess Ford didn’t trust their own people who went with Linux for very good reasons. It’s all good. When Ford figures out that BB is not much better in the user-interface department they may come to their sense and use FLOSS. How many huge customers have been annoyed by M$? It’s an enormous sum: Munich, French police, Ernie Ball’s Guitar Strings, Google, Ford, Peugeot, Extremadura, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, … They’re just not making any friends with their greed.

See Ford to ditch Microsoft for BlackBerry in cars say insiders.

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10 Responses to Ford Annoyed Customers With That Other OS

  1. oe says:

    Guess that’s one more reason to lift the hood and if I see breaker points get interested in buying it…..and if not, walk on by

  2. oiaohm says:

    oe car entertainment systems are not as isolated as one would like. Ford example is hooked up to the engine management computer. So can mess with the fuel air mix. So effect act like jamming your foot to floor. Yes the problem of the modern throttle by wire. Then other adjustments to power steering and so on.

    Yep your entertainment console can drive you car because its in the adjustment loop. So yes it can adjust you steering to suddenly pull left or right(depending on country) into incoming traffic, Decrease you breaking effectiveness and finally for good measure lock the car full throttle.

    Yes information-entertainment systems are one thing problem is most of these car things are information-entertainment-management systems. Management being the features that incorrectly adjusted can kill you. Being a management console is also why you don’t want the thing to crash sending the wrong message.

    An aircraft in-flight entertainment system is one thing its is isolated from the flight controls. Problem here in a car entertainment system is not isolated from being able to effect the driving controls.

  3. oe says:

    The thought of MS anything in a primary drive controller loop is frightening, information-entertainment systems is one thing – anything in the throttle-steersing by wire is a whole another matter. I have rejected CNC machine controls based on windows in the past and went with RT-Linux or QNX instead. Was always worried about this

  4. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang sorry you don’t know what you are talking about ford has reported crash issues worst of all by professional reviewers. All car makers using Windows Embedded in the console have had it fall over while profession reviewers were testing it out.

    –Part of Ford’s decision is based on lackluster reports in surveys like J.D. Power, insiders tell Bloomberg, with unresponsive touchscreens and unpredictable systems particularly criticized.”–

    Just because it has not happened to your wolfgang does not mean it has not happened.

    wolfgang sorry please forget works for me arguments. This time take it in you are not everyone. Ford and other car makers have to design for everyone one of their users if they don’t they may have to explain deaths.

    You and your friend would not attempt to use every feature in the interface correct. Professional reviewers do. The professionals are having it snap. Worst not snap in safe ways.

    In fact read the bloomberg by 2015 there will not be a maker of cars using Microsoft OS all of them are sick of the issues.

    Microsoft existing market share in cars is being cut in 3. 1 bit to blackberry, 1 bit to Google and 1 bit to Apple.

    Mind you blackberry and google products for cars both have been put through the professional reviewer test and pass where Microsoft based have been failing. Android issue with not handling hardware failures well comes from those professional reviewers. Windows embedded was failing on perfect hardware. QNX keeps going displaying error message on fairly badly defective hardware. Yes the tolerance of a Micro Kernel OS.

    Apple iOS might be just as much of a dog in car as Windows Embed has been but time will tell.

    Microsoft no longer has enough market influence for car makers to put up with the issues.

    Yes Ford was the last hold out in the Microsoft camp for in car systems. Everyone else is jumping ship this year start of next.

  5. wolfgang says:


    maybe you never use car or else use old one with crank start maybe. car not work like that with sync. sync run iPod and radio and gps and phone. also call ford concierge for directions and movie tickets and hotel and dinner reservations. work just fine, no crashes, no reboots, no problems. I use it for years. my friend has same thing on GM with onstar. that has monthly fee where sync work with Bluetooth cell phone. you not know what you yapping about.

  6. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang sorry please forget works for me arguments. The reality ford has complaints from those it don’t work for.
    I don’t think it matter to anyone who make software as long as it works the same way. like phone or tablet, eh?
    In this case there is a difference. Uptime requirement. Phone/tablet about max a week with a reboot not being anything hazard.

    A car Max could be a few months with the computer connected to some of the cars control electronics. Yes fords console can access diagnostic information and adjust settings in car and other things.

    Do you feel like crashing today? wolfgang. This is a –fly by wire–/–Glass Cockpit– joke/serous point of view. Quality controls on these car consoles do need to lift to aircraft Glass Cockpit standard. Yes reboot requirement 1 second or less is Glass Cockpit requirement so fast that most people don’t notice the reboot it was just a flicker. Again this is not what a tablet or phone has to perform at. The performance of reboots far faster.

    Software in car/aircraft/anything self propelled at speed needs to be good quality and needs to be able to be fixed quickly.

  7. wolfgang says:

    Last two cars come with ford sync and it work ok, I think. it only control media and phone. I tried 2013 car with the ford touch and did not like it at all. for one thing, it not natural way to work car. everything was slide finger over screen or touch bars and watch screen to see what happens. knob is a lot better. turn up for more, down for less.

    sync is nice for phone or media, though. iPod connect to car for both power and music and been buried in console for years now. never turn off and just say play billie joel or other artist like credeedence Clearwater and it play. can tell navigator to find good schnitzel place nearby and it give me several and take me there without touching anything. I don’t think it matter to anyone who make software as long as it works the same way. like phone or tablet, eh?

  8. oiaohm says:

    Blackberry has QNX core that is highly stable. So at least going Blackberry they can be fairly sure as long as it will run it will not crash simply.

    QNX has stacks of fault tolerance options the Linux kernel does not have part due to being a micro-kernel that works. Minux and Hurd and other microkernel OS’s would have to be put head to head with QNX. Problem here is most of the Open Source ones are not mature in key areas yet.

    QNX can be Linux binary compatible.

    dougman QNX and Android does not match up in quality. Now of course if the selection is between a OS by Microsoft and QNX and Android.
    QNX is number 1 in stability lacking applications.
    Android is almost the same stablity but unable to handle defective hardware parts as well as QNX but tones of applications.
    Microsoft OS offering unstable even if the hardware is perfect.

    In one way it good that blackberry has got a big contract without they were on the road to stuffed.

  9. dougman says:

    Salesman: “…this here vehicle comes with Microsh1t”

    If I heard that, I would LOL and walk out the door; remember all those M$ jokes about cars?

    NOTE: Blackberry QNX is Unix-like micro-kernel for embedded systems, would have been better to go with Android instead.

  10. lpbbear says:

    Very good news. I own an 2000 Explorer with no MS garbage in it. Its 4 wheel drive is a perfect fit for the winter in my area. I know it will eventually have to be replaced. I was dreading having to find a Ford Explorer replacement that did not have the MS crap in it. Good to hear that may not be a problem as time goes on.

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