Hating Microsoft With Good Reason

Hatred like any mind-set can be rational or irrational. We are right to hate the dog chewing on the kid. We take brisk action to deal with that evil. We are wrong to hate someone for something they can’t help like skin colour, genes, or their ancestral home. There’s nothing anyone can or should do about things like that. Microsoft? It’s definitely in the rational hatred category. M$ is out to get us. It has been from early on in its existence and it’s still run by the same people. Some have changed. But Gates and Ballmer are still around. They are evil people trying to harm us all by supporting and exploiting monopoly to do unspeakable things in IT, meddling with the business of software development, manufacturing, retailing, end-users to enrich itself at the expense of everyone else. Proper businesses serve customers, not enslave them.

“That was initiated in 1998 for actions in 1994. That’s 20 years ago.  And for bundling a browser in the operating system that couldn’t be uninstalled or easily replaced? Sure, no operating systems do that in 2014. I wonder if I can swap out Chrome from Chrome OS or Mobile Safari in iOS. Point is, it’s common now.”Scott Hanselman disagrees. He claims we should forget history. He’s wrong. You can simply replace the browser in ChromeOS. It’s GNU/Linux underneath. Just cut and past applications. Oh, you may not be able to do it directly within ChromeOS but there is no dreadful EULA threatening users with jail or fines to use, examine, modify or distribute the software… Those kinds of things are purely restrictions M$ places on end-users and everyone up and down the supply-chain. I don’t know about iOS. I don’t use that stuff at all, but Apple is just as evil as M$ one way or another. They sell the same hardware (x86 + PCI) as everyone else and charge a huge premium for it, essentially lying to consumers about its quality. Their licence limits the hardware on which the software may run. What other nonsense would they do on ARM? Oh, yes, they sue the world for copying Apple’s ideas about geometric shapes and logical operations…

So, Hanselman is just another apologist for M$ not a revealer of truth. Continue hating. It’s the best way to be alert to the next crime M$ tries to put over on us, like “insecure boot” or OOXML or “software assurance”… See? M$ does innovate but it’s all about new ways to maintain monopoly not to provide good IT for the world.

For those too young to remember the browser wars, I will quote Bill Gates:“I was quite frank with him that if he had a favor we could do for him that would cost us something like $1M to do that in return for switching browsers in the next few months I would be open to doing that.” That’s right out of the US DOJ v M$ archives I have indexed on Beast. Bill Gates offered to pay Intuit to ship IE instead of Netscape. That’s not a business deal. That’s a criminal conspiracy to drive Netscape out of business. That’s what Bill Gates is all about, harming others going about their businesses. He’s still in charge last time I checked. That’s why I continue to hate M$. If M$ were a proper business they would have fired Gates long ago for besmirching their reputation…

See Microsoft killed my Pappy.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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9 Responses to Hating Microsoft With Good Reason

  1. greg says:

    The blue is making me nauseous 🙂
    MS has become a non-factor both at home and at work but I still keep track to whats happening in the MS world and the idea that we should give MS a break no because they are not the same company is false and delusional.
    Since the days of Bill MIlf, MS has tried to present an image of being a different breed but then you read Guttierez doing his usual FUD and extortion game and you realize that MS isnt any different than it was before.

    Just because you are better at PR than before doesnt mean your actions have changed.
    Take a look at the US: it is by far the biggest bully on the planet. it has bases in about 80% of the countries of the planet, has bombed about 40-50 countries since WW2 and overthrown 4 times that amount yet listen to the US mouthpieces and they are NEVER the bad guys. They ALWAYS have a good reason even when they usually are the ones who either above or below board make trouble.
    No one wants to think themselves as the bad guy so you work hard on the PR to make yourself look good. It helps to have a complicit media who is willing to work along to keep the machine rolling (in this case Im referring both to MS and the US empire).

    MS is no different.
    They threathen, impede, extort just like they did before, very little has changed except they are smarter about it. NDAs mean that they can threathen companies privately and the media think their extortion scheme of making money on Android is perfectly ok because we dont have the details.
    Their extortion of Android is based on their famous “Linux stole from us” stance which they never had the balls to take to court.
    But innuendo and extortion dont need courts and they dont even need to be true.
    Yet were supposed to think that MS has turned the leaf when they are extorting 2 billion a year (not sure where papers get these numbers) from companies that are using Android?

    Even if MS didnt continue with their old methods and had really turned a leaf, the past (and I dont mean 20yrs ago here but 2-3) actions of the company should warrant that special attention is given to them.
    You know, the way the US still has tons of military in Germany 70yrs after the end of the war. Sure, we trust them but two WWs means that we dont TOTALLY trust them because of their past.

    We know why Microsoft won’t disclose the 237 of its patents it thinks Linux violates.
    They rather perfect the FUD they have used to extort over the last few years.
    But NOTHING has changed in the way it treats Linux.

    just better PR (you think the Gates Foundation money isnt used to promote MS and its agenda?) because the world moves on the BS that PR shovels out by the tons.
    its the grease that allows covert and illegal operations to work smoothly.

  2. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang legal libraries don’t maintain good indexes of stuff third party index’s are referred to a lot in court. Yes court document indexes are horible you fairly much have to know what exactly you want to find anything.

    Some of the anti-trust documents are key in patent disputes with Microsoft. So it would be more than 10 looking and using a third party index more like a few thousand spread over the index sites.

  3. dougman says:

    @luvr It’s not like you could stop them if they did so, but you do realize that would never happen.

    Billy micromanaging his 3rd generation replacement would never let that happen.

  4. luvr says:

    dougman asked: “Do you seriously think that Internet Explorer and/or Office will be made available for Linux??”
    WHAT??? You’re kidding, aren’t you? Why in the world would I even want Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Office on Linux??? Microsoft should keep its hands off Linux! Let them run their crap on their own systems!

  5. wolfgang says:

    …very interesting…
    but I don’t see how that makes anything happen. do lots of lawyers come around to view your trial documents? that should be in legal libraries anyway. maybe thousands read here, but only ten or so ever speak. where the rest? I bet Microsoft not even know that you chuckle.

  6. wolfgang wrote, “if you keep hating microsoft with no way to do anything about it”

    Your premise is wrong. I do have a way to do something about it…

    • I keep a copy of US DOJ v M$ trial exhibits OCRed and indexed…
    • I spend hours every day writing this blog. It’s read by thousands.
    • I enjoy seeing more millions using FLOSS every month. Chuckle.

    And, I still get to do my old retired guy stuff like hunting, shooting, gardening and walking around. Life is good, if only this damned winter would go away. I have confidence it will. The plants in my window ledges are perking up with the longer hours of daylight. Soon I will plant stuff to make seedlings to put in the garden a couple of months from now.

  7. wolfgang says:

    …very interesting…
    but does it do you any good? seems pointless to me. wife has iPhone, no problem to get, all over town in stores with phone service agent. I have nexus 7 with android, again no problem to find around town, but I got it at amazon with free shipping and no sales tax. I have 2 year old pc notebook with windows 8.1 from dell and even 4 year old desktop with windows 7 pro from dell. I even put Ubuntu on older dell desktop, easy to do, but not big whoop to use.
    so what the problem? if you keep hating microsoft with no way to do anything about it, you just end up paying purple pill maker much more than ever pay for software.

  8. dougman says:

    If a dog bites your hand, every time you attempt to take his food away and does so over the period of 20-years. What makes you think it will change over the next 5-10 years?

    People are delusional in thinking that M$ will somehow magically change, now that there is a new CEO. Do you seriously think that Internet Explorer and/or Office will be made available for Linux??

    M$ cannot ‘reinvent’ itself, when it does not share, is unwilling to play nicely with others and work together as a cohesive unit that involves Linux.

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