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There are a bunch of FLOSS office suites but two of them are the big dogs: LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice. “October 29th, someone downloaded the 75,000,000th copy of  Apache OpenOfficeâ„¢.   The 75 million downloads have occurred in the less than 18th months since the first release of Apache OpenOffice on May 8th, 2012. 
Apache OpenOffice (formerly called OpenOffice.org) is the leading free and open source office application suite for Windows, Mac and Linux. “
The Apache organization has just published some statistics on their downloads. The claim that their stuff is leading is debatable since most distros include LibreOffice and not Apache OpenOffice.

Nevertheless their numbers are interesting. They show 75million downloads for the last several versions, perhaps 30million users in total. That’s similar to the number of users of LibreOffice. I would bet. They do have one thing right. Since distros don’t include OpenOffice much, the downloads probably are comparable between users of those other operating systems and GNU/Linux. That suggests that GNU/Linux and OpenOffice represents at least a few percent of usage on PCs out there. Similarly, LibreOffice reported 15 million unique IP addresses for downloads back in 2012 on top of the installations from distros and estimated 60million users and they haven’t stood still… That’s consistent with web page-view counts. Between the two of them they must have about 100 million users and about 50million of those are on GNU/Linux.

This is all good news. The world can and does make good software independently of M$ and “partners”. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux and LibreOffice.

See Apache OpenOffice.

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