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11 Percent of Windows XP Users Will Switch to Linux, Survey Claims

I’ve been saying this for a while but haven’t seen a lot of evidence of it happening. Apparently there are real humans that love XP enough to stick with it to the bitter end. Still, “11% of organisations using Windows XP … Continue reading

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Penn Manor – A School System That Is Maximizing ROI For IT

Penn Manor is a school system committed to 1:1 student:PC ratio. That’s important because without ubiquity, PCs are just accessories in schools. You can’t plan every lesson around them. You can’t eliminate a lot of paper-shuffling and waste. You can’t … Continue reading

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For Those Users Of Ubuntu GNU/Linux Who Weren’t Wishing For A Mac…

“Ubuntu users, I tell you this: good things come to those who wait. For all of you cheerful Ubuntu users, come 14.04, you’ll be able to choose whether or not you wish your application menus to appear globally or locally.  … Continue reading

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I Can Relate To That

“My introduction to open source software began when I was sitting on a server room floor, with my head in my hands, completely frustrated with a Windows 2000 server. Every night there were some services that would crash. Every morning … Continue reading

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