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Ubuntu GNU/Linux Heading For Systemd

Shuttleworth: “Nevertheless, the decision is for systemd, and given that Ubuntu is quite centrally a member of the Debian family, that’s a decision we support. I will ask members of the Ubuntu community to help to implement this decision efficiently, … Continue reading

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A Billion Smartphones Sold In 2013 And No End In Sight

IDC: “While smartphone market growth remained strong in 2013, it should be noted that the era of double-digit annual growth has only a few years remaining.” This is the phenomenon of a lifetime. It makes the ramping up of that … Continue reading

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Chip! Chip! Chipping Away At Wintel

The last obstacles to widespread offering of */Linux to consumers have been pushed aside with Android/Linux devices and Chromebooks but now Google has figured out how to push M$ aside (a bit) on business desktops. There, M$ has businesses locked … Continue reading

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