Even Dell Is Getting Into Smaller/Cheaper Personal Computers

“The Cloud Connect isn’t much larger than a USB flash drive and plugs into the HDMI or MHL port of your display. It has a multi-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of flash storage. The Cloud Connect supports WiFi and Bluetooth, has micro USB and mini USB ports, and features a microSD card slot.”Thin clients aren’t standing still. While that other OS on legacy PCs sinks into the mud, ARM+*/Linux is everywhere helping to make small cheap computers smaller and cheaper. Dell gets this and is giving people what they want, perhaps before they know they want it. That’s the way to catch the wave of adoption. That’s what M$ has missed.

Like FLOSS, these small cheap computers are limited mostly by the imaginations of users. Being able to whip something out of your pocket and to turn a TV/monitor into an access port to the LAN or the Internet connecting to one or a hundred powerful web applications opens up a whole new world of computing. I expect we will see Dell selling theft/loss insurance for these guys soon. There are so many ways to use/profit from FLOSS on ARM.

See Dell Wyse Cloud Connect launches for $129 (Pocket-sized thin client).

See also, Fat Client, Thin Client

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4 Responses to Even Dell Is Getting Into Smaller/Cheaper Personal Computers

  1. oiaohm says:

    fat32 patents are ending. exfat microsoft replacement very few are supporting.

  2. wolfgang says:

    …very interesting….

    iIf you look around for wise words about microsoft patent income, you do find goldman sachs and trevis and other analysts talking billions of income from android for microsoft.

    best of all worlds for them although they have had to pay a lot, too.

  3. Mats Hagglund wrote, “especially when patent trolling gives them $5 per every Android-device”.

    Two things:

    • The $5 is a number out of the air. A billion Android/Linux devices were sold last year. Did they have a $5billion pop for licensing? Nope. There was no special mention of that big a cash cow.
    • Why is Android/Linux still using FAT at all? Mostly, it’s local “stays put” storage. It’s not as if they have to share memory cards with other devices. I think if Google is still using FAT, there is no big “tax”. It must be pennies if anything.
  4. Mats Hagglund says:

    And even Microsoft has accepted not to fight against Android Linux (especially when patent trolling gives them $5 per every Android-device).


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