Gartner’s View of the PC Market

I read yet another article by Gartner on the market for PCs and had to respond. This is the e-mail that I sent:
“In an article with this title, the statement, “Data includes desk-based PCs and mobile PCs, including X86 tablets equipped with Windows 8, but excludes Chromebooks and other tablets.” is just silly. It’s like describing an elephant by examining its trunk. “Personal computers” includes everything from smartphones to a wide variety of thin clients to powerful workstations. Slicing up the market arbitrarily is scarcely relevant to anything. Many producers of “legacy” PCs produce the newer formats as well. Retailers are seeing the legacy devices gather dust while the “other tablets” are flying off the shelves. A growing segment of consumers see their smartphone as their personal computer.
Who would have read your article if it had been correctly entitled, “Market For an Arbitrary Subset of Personal Computers…”? The article as written gives the reader little information about the market for personal computers.
The world has moved on from a dependency on Microsoft. Gartner should too.

See article on entitled, Gartner Says PC Market in Western Europe Declined 4 Percent in Fourth Quarter of 2013.

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3 Responses to Gartner’s View of the PC Market

  1. Mats Hagglund says:

    I know what’s the problem. Gartner, just like IDC is a member of M$ Commission. In a way or another they have to show the collapse of Windows as slight as possible without losing trustworthiness.

    They have a huge problem there in Gartner because Android Linux has taken 60% slice market share of new devices during the last year. In 2014 Android Linux, Chrome OS and other Linux distribution might take about 65% slice pushing Windows and iOS/Mac to corner of surviving battle.

  2. ram says:

    The collapse in sales of “PCs” that occurred with the introduction of UEFI (which locks the board to Microsoft) is a solid indicator of just what a large percentage of “white box” computers were having Linux installed. There has also been a corresponding increase in non-UEFI “small servers” being sold and pre UEFI high performance motherboards (i.e. “gaming”) have INCREASED in price (to around double of new, but crippled with UEFI boards).

    It’s true, with “PC motherboards” crippled with UEFI, everyone I know in private industry is now buying “server” hardware to run Linux.

  3. wolfgang says:

    …very interesting…

    but it misses the point. The comparison is for apples to apples (pardon the analogy) over time. To include things that were not produced in the past, non-Windows computers, would distort the element being compared, traditional computers.

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