US Government Might Do Away With That Other OS

“Federal guidelines are clear: when an agency identifies a weakness in its IT security, officials must record the problem, find a way to fix it, and assign themselves a deadline for completion”Taken literally, this admonishment means that the US government should identify that other OS as a weakness and set a deadline to be free of Wintel forever. Obviously, M$’s EULA forbids the US government from fixing that other OS so the only solution is to be rid of it. That will be a great day… 😉

See Hate keeping your systems updated and secure? So does Uncle Sam.

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4 Responses to US Government Might Do Away With That Other OS

  1. oiaohm says:

    wolfgang the difference is redhat provides the source code to all customers.

    Next Redhat distributions will very happily update from a privately run update server. This does allow NSA man in middle to be undermined.

    You might have NSA wanting to insert back-doors but other sections of the USA Government wants to nuke them.

    There are just some natural traits to being open source that you don’t get in closed source products.

  2. wolfgang says:

    …traditional close ties with the NSA…

    very interesting theory, but stupid. the big corporations, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Oracle, etc., are widely thought to be cozied up to NSA providing back doors and any other assistance needed to bury spyware or worse into mainstream products. If Red Hat proposed to thwart this effort, how far would their bid ever go.

  3. ram says:

    With RedHat and Canonical’s traditional close ties with the NSA, Linux could do very well with the US government. Also almost all the large “intelligence” consulting companies, e.g. SAIC, BBN, … are big Linux users. They further use a variety of secure Unixes which look very much like Linux but with a limited command set. They certainly would how to administer and modify large numbers of Linux machines.

  4. wolfgang says:

    …very interesting…

    but the way the government works is to ask qualified bidders to submit proposals for fixing such things. They do not ever try to fix it themselves. guess how many companies would be qualified to take a many billion dollar contract to fix government Windows and who would get the job?

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