Hosting Providers Know A Real OS When They See One

A real OS doesn’t limit what you can do with your hardware and it doesn’t charge you extra for doing what you want. GNU/Linux is a real OS. Just ask the hosting providers. On Netcraft’s list of 47, 1 uses F5-BIG-IP, 5 use *BSD, 5 have an unknown OS and only 4 use that other OS with the EULA from Hell. All the rest, 32, use GNU/Linux as they should.

See Hosting Providers sites ordered by OS.

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One Response to Hosting Providers Know A Real OS When They See One

  1. ram says:

    Even the ones that don’t appear to use Linux probably actually use Linux or a “strange” mainframe varient. Don’t forget one does not HAVE to compile the Linux kernel and apps with the GNU compiler. In certain cases this can result in both enhanced performance and security.

    Servers are also under no obligation to correctly identify their operating system (or version, or compiler) to make things easier for potential intruders.

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