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China Picks Sides In The OS Wars

China has really warped web-stats. Despite being a hive of technological activity it is still an emerging market and for whatever reasons clung to the use of illegal copies of XP for far too long. That’s changing slowly but surely. … Continue reading

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M$ Locks Out Bill G

It has been reported that Bill spent hours trying to install “8.1”. As the technology advisor for the new CEO, I’ll bet he was not amused. Do you think Bill will be annoyed enough to make a clean break and … Continue reading

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Schools Allowing Drug-Dealers To Operate In The Parking Lots

No, not literally, but figuratively, the generosity of many IT-companies to “help” schools afford IT is more about enslaving students to use and be locked-in to those companies’ products rather than choosing what works best for the students and teachers. … Continue reading

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April In May

The Europian Union will hold parliamentary elections in May. “France’s free software advocacy group April has launched a campaign to get candidates for the European elections of 22 – 25 May 2014 to state their support for these type of … Continue reading

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