Lenovo Bought IBM’s x86 Servery Just In Time For HP’s Suicide

“Hewlett-Packard’s policy of clamping down on third-party and budget server support has swung into effect. According to a message sent to HP Proliant customers and seen by The Reg: Starting February 2014, an active warranty or contract is required to access HP ProLiant Server firmware updates.”It never ceases to amaze me how a successful business like HP can blow up their opportunities. Rather than ramping up the salesmen to poach IBM’s server customers who might be worried about Lenovo, they fire the cannon in an opening barrage against their own customers. The value of older HP servers has just plunged if they can’t be fixed/updated/reflashed. Why not buy from others servers without such burdens?

See Just as we said it would: HP clamps down on server fixers.

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