In 2014, Android/Linux Will Be The Big Dog In Client OS Page-views

I was poking around StatCounter and noticed this. If you accept desktop, mobile, and tablet but reject “console” the global OS share of page-views becomes very diverse. In fact, Android/Linux may well take second place from XP in February and first place from “7” before 2015. 8.x may never catch up. Amazing.

The world is just moving on without M$ and “partners” so swiftly that there is little M$ can do to prevent the turnover. Good luck to the new CEO. He’s all about cloud anyway. Before long his client platform will be just lost in the noise. GNU/Linux already owns the cloud. M$ is having to pay hosters to run that other OS for name-only sites, again, just to claim any share at all out there. M$’s latest 10-Q shows client “licensing” is down 6% y/y and the monies received for “hardware” represents fewer clients because they don’t charge themselves a licensing fee. The result is they are shipping fewer client OS copies each year while Android/Linux is shipping more and still accelerating. M$ can drop the price to $0 and they still can’t ship as many units as Android/Linux because M$’s stuff doesn’t ship on small cheap plentiful computers. It’s almost over…

UPDATE “The worldwide PC market grew 17.9% in Q4 2013, thanks to a seasonal surge in tablet shipments. Tablets grew 65.2% year-on-year to reach 76.3 million units, representing 48.3% of the total PC market. Excluding tablets, shipments declined 6.9% year-on-year with falls in all regions.”

See Canalys – “PC shipments up 18% in Q4 as tablets reach almost 50%”

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