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Making 12 Gauge Slug Rounds

What do you do with old shotguns with lead-only barrels? I intend to use one for killing deer with 1 ounce slugs and killing grouse with 1 ounce loads of shot. The latter is easy. There’s lots of data around. … Continue reading

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The Hectic Pace Of Linux Kernel Development

(Confessions of a Linux Junky) I chose Linux-3.10 kernel for my working system because it has long term support from Greg Kroah-Hartman and he backports a lot of the latest and greatest goodies after they have been kicked around in … Continue reading

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Real TCO

Remember the “good old days” when M$ spread FUD far and wide about FLOSS and GNU/Linux costing more than Wintel?“By switching to free and open source, the government of the Canary Islands in Spain continues to reduce its ICT costs. … Continue reading

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Shuttleworth and MySQL

“I think Oracle have been an excellent steward of MySQL, with real investment and great quality. Appreciating and celebrating that doesn’t detract from our willingness to engage elsewhere. I think the tendency to imagine conspiracies and malfeasance is one of … Continue reading

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Android/Linux Overtakes XP on Weekends

The title says it all. Folks are using their Android/Linux smartphones a lot everywhere, even at work. Same with tablets. The personal computer has been redefined by consumers, employees, everyone but the sycophants of Wintel. The small cheap computers flooding … Continue reading

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Harsh Guidance In Romainian Education

After recent reports that schools were not using donated notebooks running Ubuntu Gnu/Linux, the government has issued an edict that “Schools are to un-install all software without a valid license and to confirm the completion of this action by getting … Continue reading

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I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Nokia is producing some Android/Linux smartphones “Within Microsoft what I see happening is that the company will start backing off Windows Phone. Kendrick’s right, you see. It is too much to … Continue reading

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Even Smaller Cheaper Computers Running FLOSS

On the one hand folks are talking about $25 smartphones running FLOSS and on the other hand folks say it’s not possible.“Spreadtrum has announced WCDMA and EDGE turnkey reference designs for Firefox OS as well as the industry’s first chipset … Continue reading

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The Fourth Bolt

The part came to repair the chute on my snowblower. It’s a plastic (!!!) collar to which the chute is bolted which swivels around another collar with a lip on the machine. Of course, whoever tightened the bolt overtightened it … Continue reading

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Better PCs

Ken Hess believes people will buy more PCs (legacy PCs, you know those big boxes and notebooks) if the new PCs are better.“Tablets can’t do the same job as efficiently and I think people have discovered this fact. But we … Continue reading

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The Big And Little Guys

Larry Dignan is peeved with the powers that be in smartphones. “we’ve hit a plateau in smartphone innovation and we can’t count on two dominant hardware makers—Apple and Samsung—and two platforms—iOS and Android—to do everything. My patience for evolution over … Continue reading

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The Strange Case of Tablets

I haven’t had much in the way of statistics on tablets since the year-end stuff. This needs to be fixed… I visited StatCounter and asked for all of the CSVs of Tablet OS v Continent. After a lot of cutting … Continue reading

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