Think M$’s Software Is $FREE? Think Again!

“The site apologized to those still using IE7 for the fact its new jobs board doesn’t render properly in their browser. IE 7 is seven years old. It runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Microsoft will stop providing extended support for Windows XP on April 8 this year. Extended support for Windows Vista finishes in 2017. The company is a recruitment site for nurses and medical employers, based in Microsoft’s home state of Washington.”The lock-in of users of that other OS is so horrible that the costs of digging out of the grave M$ has helped you dig is huge. Look at this. A company is giving away $free PCs to its customers rather than support that abomination of the web, Internet Exploder web browser… That’s just one lock-in of the hundreds M$ has created over the years. Can you really afford to keep digging that hole deeper?

I recommend Debian GNU/Linux rather than a new computer. You can download it for $0 and be free of M$’s crapware forever. You can get it here or here.

See Ditch IE7 and we'll give you a FREE COMPUTER, says incautious US firm.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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