POPCON and LibreOffice

Debian has a package called popcon which monitors the popularity of Debian packages during and after installation. Popcon is an optional package. The one who installs can choose to install it or not. It reports the results for those who choose to install it. Here are the first few lines of a summary:

“#rank name inst vote old recent no-files
1 Not in sid 1665828 148914 375580 36427 1104907
2 libreoffice 1390305 648388 281491 271496 188930″

LibreOffice is the most popular package by far and about half the installations use LibreOffice regularly. Further, the sum of all package-installations comes to 121 million. That’s a pretty good sample so the conclusion that LibreOffice is very popular is solid. Further, the popularity shows that the next packages in the list are the system’s utilities, stuff like sysvinit… The next in line desktop application after LibreOffice is vlc, back an order of magnitude lower popularity at row 71…
“71 vlc 223879 63544 75546 19766 65023” vlc is one of the most popular applications on PCs in any OS. vlc 2.0.x had over 100 million downloads (mostly Windows versions) back in 2012. This suggests LibreOffice is at least working on that scale of global usage, not insignificant at all. TDF has published estimates in the range of 40-60 million installations based on unique IP addresses for downloads. This is confirmation. LibreOffice is real.

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