Lenovo On The Move

  • Lenovo acquires Motorola Mobility“Under the terms of the Acquisition Agreement, Lenovo will acquire the Business for total consideration of (i) $660 million in cash, subject to adjustments for working capital, deferred revenue and net debt, (ii) $750 million in ordinary shares of Lenovo (the “ Lenovo Shares ”) based on the Lenovo Share price at closing, with the maximum number of Lenovo Shares not to exceed 618,301,731 and the minimum number of Lenovo Shares not to be less than 505,883,235, and (iii) a $1.5 billion promissory note payable, without interest, on the third anniversary of the closing.”
  • Lenovo acquires IBM’s x86 server business “On January 23, 2014, IBM and Lenovo Group Limited announced a definitive agreement under which Lenovo will acquire IBM’s x86 server portfolio.”

I’ll bet HP and Dell are hearing foot-steps. Lenovo is already near the top in legacy client PCs. I think they are aiming higher than that and diversifying at the same time.

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2 Responses to Lenovo On The Move

  1. wolfgang says:

    didn’t google pay like 12 billion bucks for this a couple of years ago?

  2. Mats Hagglund says:

    There is likely some correlation with the fact that Lenovo (and of course Google too) is one of those IT giants which ar moving to Android PC. Others are AMD, Intel and HP.

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