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SJVN Runs GNU/Linux on a Chromebook

“there are still some things a Chromebook can’t do as well as a traditional fat-client style desktop. For me, it’s graphics. I don’t do much graphics work, but I do some and when I do my program of choice is … Continue reading

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Finnish Schools Save Big With FLOSS

“Municipalities in Finland that have switched their schools to Linux and other open source solutions are saving millions of euro. Typically, our centrally managed open source computers are at least 40 percent cheaper than the proprietary alternative. The total savings … Continue reading

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More Decay Of Wintel Seen In 2014

One of the key elements of the Wintel plan for monopoly for desktops, bundling the OS with every PC shipped is coming undone.“Scheduling delays and weakened consumer demand for notebook PC replacements are forcing leading PC brands—including Apple, ASUS, HP, … Continue reading

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