Mandriva, The Distro-Zombie That Refused To Die

Mandrake, one of the previous incarnations of Mandriva, was my second distro.“2013 was a year of rebuilding and saw the beginning of growth for the company. On the business level, Mandriva has been gaining several new customers, which hadn’t happened since several years, and has been delivering new products while beefing up its existing solutions. In this respect, 2014 will see the fruits of the hard work that was started in 2012” It worked for me but when it morphed into a money-makinglosing business, I moved on. Despite several bankruptcies and reorganizations and mergers, Mandriva took a decade of continued growth to still struggle with issues of money. Perhaps moving from being regional to being global will make it big enough to survive. Mandriva lies about sixtieth in Distrowatch’s hits-per-day score with about 10% of the hits as the most popular distros.

Instead of being just a supplier of GNU/Linux, Mandriva has added plenty of software and services all its own aimed at businesses. They must even have salesmen… In their enthusiasm they wrote, “In 2006, hundred of millions of personal computers pre-installed with Linux were shipped, particularly to South America, East Europe, Russia, North Africa and India. Mandriva also participates in thematic projects with Intel, such as the Classmate PC.” With optimism/ambition like that they could go far. We await the next chapter…

See Mandriva gets new partners in Asia Pacific.

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