APEC Legacy PC Market Shrinks by 10% in 2013

“IDC’s preliminary results show that the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) PC market declined 10% in full year 2013 to reach 108 million units.”So much for an expectation of good news tomorrow in M$’s quarterly report… Asia is the biggest growth centre for IT and the legacy PC is not part of that growth. Further, IDC predicts that in Philippines the rampant growth of tablets, and the resulting negative feedback on legacy PCs, will continue in 2014. About the only bright spot for legacy PCs was in India where the government is stuffing them into schools, often with GNU/Linux [1][2][3]

See Asia/Pacific PC Market Shrinks by 10% in 2013; Marks Region's First Annual Double Digit Decline.

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3 Responses to APEC Legacy PC Market Shrinks by 10% in 2013

  1. Mats Hagglund wrote, “Software support guaranteed until spring 2017.”

    They have a rather small team to make that claim if the user is incapable of doing it himself.

    For long-term support Canonical or Debian or RedHat might be better options. Mint lacks scale for some things although it is definitely growing. I expect within a few years it will be able to compete with older/more established distros. Mint has about the same installed base as Debian but it’s much smaller than Ubuntu.

  2. Mats Hagglund says:

    Yesterday i installed Linux (this time Linux Mint) to one tired Windows-machine. Vista was getting real slow and the owner of that machine was near to trow it away.

    Well – like almost always, there was nothing wrong with hardware. That small laptop (Compaq) was rather OK. It only needs good OS. I choose Mint 13 LTS because it’s easy to use. New user of Mint-machine was impressed how fast it is compared to that terrible slow Vista. And when she got no Windows-only apps there’s no doubt that her default OS is now Linux (Mint). Software support guaranteed until spring 2017. And one more thing – no problems with 4G dongle (Huawei E392).

    I got a feeling there will be many more Linux install projects for me during this year.

  3. ram says:

    Judging from wholesale supplier discounts I think the market has fell further than just 10 percent. Certainly the UEFI “prebugged” equipment is not moving. They are now trying to sell it for below its wholesale parts cost.

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