Freedom In Software And Hardware At The UK Cabinet Office

FLOSS and */Linux are doing really well in countries like Uruguay, India and Germany where governments see the light and choose Free Software to get the job done. The UK looks to be going that way as well. The Cabinet Office, the tip of the iceberg of UK government, has been leading the way to use FLOSS on servers for e-government and now they are exhibiting free use of hardware and software in their mind-share. They recently released their analysis of comparable operating systems and GNU/Linux did the best…

The influence of the Cabinet Office with 3K employees and a central position in government could spread the influence of FLOSS throughout the government of UK. There’s lots of upside. Where are the Canadian or US versions? Still in the Dark Ages of Wintel…

“GDS is also working on a potential open source desktop solution using Ubuntu instead of Windows.”

See First steps on the Cabinet Office technology transformation journey.

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3 Responses to Freedom In Software And Hardware At The UK Cabinet Office

  1. Mats Hagglund says:

    “It was reported that Maude had to install a personal Wi-Fi network to use his iPad, and chief operating officer Stephen Kelly uploaded a video of his PC taking seven minutes to boot up.”

    Before i finally gave up my XP booted 6 min 20 seconds ( i checked it in March 2008). Windows has always been fiasco. Works well perhaps 1-2 year, then become slower and slower and third year has been the beginning of the end. In late 1990’s and early 2000’s the cycle of Windows (from pc to new pc) was mostly 3 years for folks.

    And then story annoying daily reboots…

  2. dougman wrote, “the COO laments over 7-min boot’s and 6000 spent per machine”.

    The authour and several commentators lamented that the COO’s numbers were wrong but I have seen 2 min. boots in quite ordinary circumstances and TOOS waiting 30s or so just to “answer the call” and I have read of lawsuits involving people being docked pay during boots. I expect COO took his salary X 7 min. / 420min per day or something and got what he got. I have read many other numbers well over 1K pounds.

    One comment made me laugh. The guy scorned GNU/Linux because they would not have inAD and GP… Strange that GNU/Linux admins can manage thousands of systems without that… Chuckle. What a knuckle-head. With PAM, openLDAP, SSH, etc. there’s nothing you can’t manage and several companies offer tools even more sophisticated.

    What puzzles me is why they made him take down the video. Did the message get through to the IT guys at last? Did some higher-up shut him up? I think the end result will be the use of a lot more FLOSS in UK government, both to save costs and to escape monopoly. Having no choices in IT is a recipe for bad IT.

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