This is Bad – (some) Egyptians Vote For New Constitution

Laws are the framework of a modern society. A consensus of the governed defining the rules that apply to all, the governed and the governing… News that the new constitution boycotted by a large portion of Egyptians has been adopted is deadly. This could lead to rebellion, terrorism or horrible repression in a country vital to the Arab and African world.
“The head of the Egypt Constitutional Committee described the turnout as "unprecedented" — 20 million people, representing 38.6% of those eligible to vote.”
No good can come of a situation where a military government has not the consent of the governed. Will Egypt wake up and back away from the precipice or will Egypt fall into a pit of violence and despair? Only Egyptians can decide and they don’t seem to be in a mood to talk about it.

See Egypt passes a new constitution

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  1. ram says:

    They are certainly heading for a revolution — which may, or may not, be violent.

    Also pay attention to what is happening in Thailand.

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