Schleswig-Holstein Tees Up GNU/Linux For Client And Server

“Desktop PCs in use at Schleswig-Holstein’s state administration run mostly proprietary software, the spokesperson said. However, either in the final quarter this year, or in the first three months of 2015, the state’s CIO will consider the use of open source on PC workstations. "It is part of an update to our ICT-strategy and due to the fact that our contracts with the current vendors will expire."”

This is yet again further evidence that M$’s plan for world-domination has failed. M$’s OS is no longer the default OS on clients and servers. It was true just a few years ago that almost all PCs ran that other OS and the only discretion IT-people exercised was the choice of hardware to support the Wintel monopoly. Many were slaves. A slave with a vision of freedom will soon be a free man. Today, everyone can see that there are myriad small cheap computers on the market running Android/Linux and GNU/Linux. Wintel is a ridiculous waste of resources. Paying for permission to use hardware is a scam about to become extinct.

See More and more open source in Schleswig-Holstein.

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