Acer Evolves

After being just another loyal soldier of Wintel, Acer intends to assert its own identity in future to give consumers what they want, not what M$ wants…

“In the future, all of Acer’s businesses including desktop, notebook and tablet will involve the BYOC platform and it is hoping to strengthen its product lines through the services.”

BYOC, “Build Your Own Cloud”, will no doubt be built on top of GNU/Linux. Acer’s customers will have the efficiency of small cheap computers backed up by powerful servers available globally to provide resources customers need. That’s the right way to do IT, IMHO, despite it potentially being an affront to FLOSS. Stay tuned for details. Perhaps, if Acer allows users to build their own clouds, that issue will be dealt with properly. This could be an opportunity for Acer to do the right thing for its customers and its own business. Acer doesn’t need to keep its code closed. Acer just needs to provide the services for a reasonable price to greatly increase its profits.

See Acer to start new operation strategy in April to focus on BYOC.

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2 Responses to Acer Evolves

  1. dougman says:

    I read that Windows 10 will be cloud based, akin to what ChromeOS has been offering.

    “Details on Windows 10 were also provided, with claims that the future operating system will be a “cloud OS,” meaning that all of the processing and computing would be done on Microsoft’s servers, and be streamed to your computer, completely eliminating the need for a powerful rig and only requiring the basic bits to run peripherals and such.”

  2. ram says:

    Acer is still a long way from being a Linux friendly company. I suspect they will push come kind of Microsoft Cloud with UEFI. It won’t sell, like the rest of Acer’s Microsoft offerings.

    Acer continues to lose money and looking at a graph of its stock price indicates its trajectory.

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