Schizophrenic IT Policy at European Commission

On the plus side, these folks do support ODF. OTOH, why support two standards, doubling the cost and complexity of a big part of IT??? Is the role of the EC to prop up Wintel’s monopoly or to operate efficiently? Choose one.
"For exchanges with the external world, including citizens and other public administrations, the approach is clearly open." For revisable documents, all European institutions are recommended to support as a minimum two ISO standards, the Open Document Format (ODT) and Office Open XML (OOXML).
The EC has implemented these recommendations, the Commissioner writes. "The EC can already support ODF, OOXML and other widely used document formats in its exchanges."

See EC recommends supporting open document format.

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2 Responses to Schizophrenic IT Policy at European Commission

  1. Mats Hagglund quoth, about “peaceful coexistence”.

    There can be no such thing. M$ beats into all their employees head that they must “win” at all costs. That’s not peace at all. That’s violation even of the rules of “war”. M$ leaves no stone unturned, legal or not, to enhance lock-in, profits, and they care nothing about others.

  2. Mats Hagglund says:

    “I once preached peaceful coexistence with Windows. You may laugh at my expense — I deserve it.”

    –Be’s CEO Jean-Louis Gassée

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