In Macedonia, People Use GNU/Linux At Work

You can plainly see a pattern of usage in StatCounter’s web-stats for Macedonia. The weekdays have a high value for page-views from GNU/Linux, more than double the weekends. The weekday highs are also increasing while the weekends are stuck at ~1%. That reflects an employer/government who values GNU/Linux and retailers not offering choice.

Since 2005, Macedonia has had a policy of getting one computer seat per child. In 2007 they had 180K computer seats, about halfway to their goal. Those are thin clients, too. Smart.

By 2011, Macedonia was well advanced in accepting FLOSS in government and using e-government to make interactions with government simpler, faster and less expensive.
“During March 2011, four public meetings are organised in cities of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia aiming at promoting and discussing the draft National Policy for Open Software, by involving the public in the process of finalisation of the text. At the same time, the events mark the last stage of the project for the adoption of this policy.
The events have taken place in the cities of Tetovo, Štip, Skopje and Bitola. Main presenters included representatives of the non-profit organisation promoting Open Software ( Слободен софтвер Македонија) in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Metamorphosis Foundation and the Ministry of Information Society and Administration.
The public events format was chosen to introduce the reasons behind the adoption of this policy. During the presentations, the implementation of the ‘Computer for every child’ project was described as a good example upon which the future policy should be built; the project’s weak points were also addressed, so as to implement better projects in the future. Moreover, all the recommendations contained in the policy document were explained. “

Chuckle. It seems the more open and accepting an organization is, the more FLOSS and GNU/Linux are chosen as the right way to do IT. I expect more governments, organizations and businesses will see the benefits of FLOSS sooner rather than later. There still is a problem with those retailers not offering FLOSS to customers… Retailers now seem to offer Android/Linux. Why not GNU/Linux?

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