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Opening The Valve To High-volume GNU/Linux PC-Production On A Global Scale

OK, gaming’s a niche in IT, a place where teenagers and young men work out their frustrations with the real world… but it has long been one of the few places GNU/Linux has not thrived: gaming, business, and retail shelves. … Continue reading

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FLOSS Saves Money, Time, Pain, Stuff That Matters

In the beginning, I switched to FLOSS and GNU/Linux just to get things working. Later, I managed several migrations to save cost or to expand service. It’s good to see governments doing the same and starting new projects as FLOSS … Continue reading

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On Virtual Android/Linux And That Other OS

OEMs are silly sometimes. A few are producing systems with Android/Linux in a virtual machine in that other OS. While there may be users who feel the need for both operating systems at times, for most of us this is … Continue reading

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