Pogson Waxes On 2014

Over at LinuxInsider, I got a few shots in…
“We are very close to that dream today. In USA or Canada, one can buy Chromebooks just about anywhere with either ARM or Intel CPUs. In many parts of the world, Android/Linux is available on ARM or Intel CPUs in a huge variety of forms from tiny controllers to smartphones to tablets and even a few desktops.
This nonsense where you can have anything as long as it runs that other OS on Intel is just about dead. OEMs and retailers can’t even sell enough units to bother these days, but the number of small, cheap computers in endless variety keep increasing in unit sales. 2013 was pretty decent but 2014 promises to be even better.”

See Here's Lookin' at You, Kid: Dreaming of Privacy in 2014.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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6 Responses to Pogson Waxes On 2014

  1. dougman says:

    Regret it?…wtf….

    I would not be surprised in the least, if there is/was continual astroturfing for corporate entities. Hell, its all about keeping ‘mind-share’ and ‘corporate image’ that’s important. However, MicroSh1t forgot one thing, you never ever bad mouth your competitor.

    Bad-mouthing the competition is usually the last resort for a salesperson who doesn’t have anything good to say about her own product. This is a big turn-off for prospects – it will just make you look desperate and unprofessional. In fact, never mention the competition. We weren’t there to provide free advertising for our competitors, so why bring them up? We were the big dog on the block, we didn’t need to compare ourselves to anyone. Besides, why measure yourself with someone else’s ruler?

    MicroSh1t is making themselves look like the desperate ID10Ts they truly are. Getting rid of Ballmer and hiring some other schmuck will NOT fix NOR solve there problems, not only that with Gates and Ballmer on the board, who will want the job to begin with??


    MS is failing for the same reason Kodak failed, holding onto to what it built years ago when the market is changing rapidly all around them. Flush with technology they fail to see where, when or how technology applies to today’s world which is why they are always left behind the leaders. They lack the leadership right now across the company to align the powerhouse around a plan.

  2. dougman wrote, ” You have been issued an official warning.”

    Not only that. The moderator stated that I would “regret it” if I ever did that again. I suspect this is one of the cases where M$ has planted moderators over relevant forums to manage the mind-set of the world. That’s in their “technological evangelism” handbook. I have routed their domain to localhost…

  3. oiaohm says:


    Microsoft done as Micro$oft in fact relates to Microsoft second official Logo. Yes the O used in is not able to be typed. Micro$oft appears before the court case and in some early basic programs.


    The Satiric meaning bit comes latter.

    M$, M$FT and Micro$oft are all officially reconsigned as Satire spelling. Do appear in newspapers and comic strips.

    “CrApple,” “Micro$haft,” on the other hand are not officially recognised as Satire spellings. So are just being insulting/or very particularly upset.

    Yes Bill Gates being depicted as a borg is also officially satire. The depiction is based on Bill Gates own management style.

    What is the major difference between a official satire spelling and insulting. Official Satire spellings have to be linked to facts and be representing the facts of those events.

    Robert Pogson I sorry to say I do agree with the call of arts not to is M$ in your message. Not because of any link to (“CrApple,” “Micro$haft,” etc.) trolling link. Issue of out of context.

    Context of correct usages of M$ is

    1) to prevent conversion if you are talking about Multiple sclerosis and Microsoft in same document/report. Yes Microsoft does sponsor some events over Multiple Sclerosis. Yes reporters do have to write readable reports about it.

    2) linked to Monopoly actions by Microsoft or direct money grab. Like you recent post “Maths Lesson For Estonia” using Micro$oft in their because the only reason Microsoft can rapidly threaten to raise price is the lack of competition caused by its monopoly actions.

    Yes M$FT M$ and Micro$oft all can be used for valid reminder of prior actions.

    Ars admin was also had another problem M$ in google will take you straight to Microsoft.com. Of course bing does not. So google also recognises M$ as Microsoft.

    “Micro$haft,” will not take you to Microsoft.com using any search engine. Yes Micro$oft again in google takes you to Microsoft.com in the top entries.

    Satire is reconsidered by google. In fact Microsoft cannot request it removed when its proper Satire.

    Yes there is a true difference between Satire and Trolling. Trolling is not well based on true events.

  4. dougman says:

    “M$” and similar terms (“CrApple,” “Micro$haft,” etc.) are trolling. Make your arguments without them. You have been issued an official warning.

    *Rolls eyes*…

  5. ram wrote, “Good on you, Mate!”

    Thanks. Too bad I wasn’t as well received over at ARS when I pointed out they forgot M$ in the failures of 2013 list… I was even threatened by a moderator who runs that other OS, of course. It seems I was too rude to M$. They attacked the messenger and ignored my message. Sigh. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog.

  6. ram says:

    Good on you, Mate!

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