Has Canonical “Seen the Light”?

“Canonical’s convergence plans – which will see the same codebase powering mobiles, tablets and desktops by Ubuntu 15.04 at the latest – Mark Shuttleworth reasons that mobile users are accustomed to updates being released ‘whenever’ they’re ready, something that may lead Ubuntu to “soften up on the six-month thing and release updates all the time.”

Well, that’s a start. Shuttleworth being flexible, that is. It’s a sign of maturity, accepting things as they are and going with the flow. Now, when will he see that “convergence” is an interesting concept but not something essential or needed by end-users? That will be the day! Then, there’s Mir/Wayland, and disUnity, and …

See, an operating system’s release cannot be the answer to all needs. It’s just not possible. That’s why Ubuntu GNU/Linux and every other OS needs a few versions specialized one way or another so that all the bases most users need will be covered. Then, let the users configure the systems further, if they choose to do that, and let them be at home with the operating system rather than a prisoner of it.

I hope Canonical comes around. Until they do, I will stick with Debian GNU/Linux. It works for me.

See Ubuntu Will Reach True Convergence Before Microsoft, Says Shuttleworth.

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3 Responses to Has Canonical “Seen the Light”?

  1. dougman says:

    Monetizing an OS with commercial products, reminds me of Windows 8 and the crap they pulled.


  2. dougman says:

    That’s a valid point….I just tried out the latest Ubuntu iteration…*YUCK*

    No wonder Mint is more popular then Ubuntu; who wants Amazon crap in their Unity search bar.

  3. ram says:

    Everyone, in light of all the news about the NSA, should examine Mark Shuttleworth’s background very closely.

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