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Brazil, We Knew You Would Come Through

What was it? The NSA scandal? Google supporting a client OS? OEMs shipping it? Retailers selling it? What? For years we knew that the government and schools in Brazil used GNU/Linux widely and OEMs in Brazil made millions of GNU/Linux … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Day In April

Chuckle. Maybe the malware-writers of the world will actually do the world a favour by blowing that other OS out of the water in April. I think malware is one of the top few reasons to migrate to GNU/Linux. This … Continue reading

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Has Canonical “Seen the Light”?

“Canonical’s convergence plans – which will see the same codebase powering mobiles, tablets and desktops by Ubuntu 15.04 at the latest – Mark Shuttleworth reasons that mobile users are accustomed to updates being released ‘whenever’ they’re ready, something that may … Continue reading

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Pogson Waxes On 2014

Over at LinuxInsider, I got a few shots in… “We are very close to that dream today. In USA or Canada, one can buy Chromebooks just about anywhere with either ARM or Intel CPUs. In many parts of the world, … Continue reading

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Samsung And Everyone Else To Flood Markets With Tablets

Well, as remarkable as shipments of Android/Linux were in 2013, that was just a trickle compared to what’s in store for 2014. Now that the sharks have tasted blood a feeding frenzy of OEMs seeking out every last consumer on … Continue reading

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