GNU/Linux is Kicking Ass At Netcraft

This is how hosting providers monitored by Netcraft see the operating system universe. The majority use GNU/Linux when it counts, not just because someone offers them that other OS. GNU/Linux offers great price/performance/reliability. You can get that kind of performance on your desktop too from Debian.

See Hosting Providers sites ordered by OS.

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3 Responses to GNU/Linux is Kicking Ass At Netcraft

  1. ram says:

    Not only that, but the big Linux users are REALLY REALLY BIG!

  2. dougman says:

    Ahhhhh Linux….even M$ uses Linux when it is required.

    Seems M$ could not manage their Skype acquisition appropriately, so it built grsec’ed Linux super-nodes to handle the work.

    Also, M$ has employed Akamai’s Linux-based servers to protect its web site and reduce the site’s vulnerability to viruses, worms and denial of service attacks. M$ changed the DNS of its web site so that requests for pages are no longer handled by M$ own network, but instead by the Akamai cache servers — which consists of 15,000 Linux-based servers spread around the globe.

    So…. running good ol’ telnet we find:
    telnet http
    Connected to


  3. Mats Hagglund says:

    Meanwhile in clients….Windows in free downfall…No just 46,29% market share.

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