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Diversity Is Good, Even In PBR

PBR (Point Blank Range) is a concept useful for hunters. It is the maximum range at which you “can’t miss” without adjusting sights for range. To the uninitiated, a bullet moves somewhat like a baseball, only faster. Despite great speed, … Continue reading

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8-core CPUs For Smartphones

Well, one of the things using FLOSS does is allow one to spend more on hardware and less on software… “A number of first-tier China-based handset vendors are to unveil their new models powered by MediaTek’s 8-core CPUs prior to … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason To Use Debian GNU/Linux

While it has long been assumed that users of GNU/Linux were less likely to encounter malware, the knowledge that the government of the USA is out to get us has focused minds on the software we use. GNU/Linux, being open … Continue reading

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