Dave At City of Largo Reports Looking At NX and LibreOffice 4.1

While the trolls here constantly tell us how essential that other OS is people in the real world keep rolling along comfortably with GNU/Linux, LibreOffice and making unfettered (by M$’s EULA) use of the hardware they own.

“We jumped on LibreOffice 4.1 at 4.1.1 to solve some issues and improve file filters versus 4.0. Out of 800 users, about 20 had to be rolled back for various bugs, which is normal and expected. With release 4.1.4 we have been able to finally get everyone off of 4.0.”

For those who don’t know, Largo never used that other OS much so they were never locked in. They just went from a UNIX OS to GNU/Linux and never looked back. They use a cluster of huge powerful servers to run GNU/Linux thin clients. They can have hundreds of sessions open on a single server and have servers specialized for running a single application like LibreOffice. Single point of failure indeed… Chuckle. Instead of failure Largo has success, saving many $millions and getting great performance. They only have to “work” on a few servers and the thin clients just keep doing their thing. It’s not rocket science. Just keep a few servers working hard and many clients idling and performance happens with GNU/Linux.

The real puzzle is not why Largo is using GNU/Linux. The real puzzle is why many others continue to use that other OS at great expense and endless problems. My experience in schools using similar technology was that the effort required to keep the system running smoothly dropped an order of magnitude using GNU/Linux. That’s why Largo has the time to tweak their servers. They don’t have to tweak their clients.

See Dave Richards – City of Largo Work Blog: Thinning Thin Clients, And Other Projects.

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  1. dougman says:

    I have been told that what Dave does is NOT feasible, NOT possible, impossible and an entire slew of others words. However, these words are coming from M$ folk that have an agenda and/or make money from M$ Windows-centric IT.

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