The Untold Story

If you look at StatCounter’s charts, you would think that */Linux has dropped off the map in USA. All that’s happened is that “8.1” has crept up a bit…

Yep, “8.1” is more important than “other” (SARCASM!). Well, I can tell the rest of the story. */Linux is alive and well and taking major share even in M$’s home-country. Android, GNU, and Chrome OS have all grown in December. Chrome OS actually doubled its share of page-views but StatCounter doesn’t mention it.

Oh well. This is another example of how the web stats are arranged to make it seem like */Linux is insignificant. With a larger share than 8.1 they don’t even mention it. This time next year */Linux will be too large to hide.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    DrLoser really for all your complaints about X11 you should be annoyed with Freebsd as well.

    Freebsd is one of the driving forces behind X11 extended existence. Freebsd has had to be pulled kicking and screaming to support new graphical solutions.

    OS X that is based off Freebsd apple disposed of the Freebsd graphical solution.

    This is only one of many examples of Freebsd ending up stuck in the past.

    Freebsd driver support is very limited. Freebsd has the same issue of a lack of a Stable ABI for drivers but lacks a GPL license to force source code release as well.

    Sorry the BSD model is also what keeps on spawning forks that never return stuff upstream.

  2. DrLoser says:

    Just out of interest, what do you people have against FreeBSD?

    Is it a bad thing, or what?

    Unless each and every one of you (ignoring Mr Smith, whose business depends upon lying to his customers and then confiscating their installation media — I have no idea how he gets away with that) have some sort of problem with FreeBSD, I can’t quite see why you’re all banging on about Linux and X and other rubbish.

    I’m genuinely fascinated. Is this just a cult, or do you have other reasons to go with what you think works?

  3. DrLoser says:

    Here’s another completely unreliable source for you to complain about, Robert: NetMarket Share.

    These people are obviously lying. (November 2013.)

    * Windows 7: 46.64%
    * Windows XP: 31.22%
    * Windows Vista: 3.57%
    * OSX (combined): 4.27%
    * Other: 4.98%

    Ah, but “Other” is clearly Gnu/* or */Linux, isn’t it? I’m not going to disagree with this (although I will point out, patiently, that you can still lie about your OS and pass RFC4229. We are both professionals, here. We know what RFC4229 mandates).

    Oh my, but look:

    * Windows 8: 6.66%

    Logarithmic graphs or not: looks like Windows 8 is beating the crap out of lousy Linux alternatives. (It isn’t so good against the excellent FreeBSD alternatives, like Apple, is it?)

  4. dougman says:

    Computer costs are steadily decreasing, this is why M$ cannot lock-up the market forever. All M$ does is file patent suits, lawsuits by proxy, doles out Android extortion and sues anyone trying to resell used computers

    The article Wind-BAG did provide had one tidbit,
    “One category of devices that actually did well was Chromebooks. In fact, as the NPD Group analysts have observed before, Google’s browser-based portables accounted for all of the growth in the notebook segment.”


  5. bw says:

    trickle has dried up

    Quite the trickle in my calculations. With 300M or more units going out the shipping door and what the Register claims to be an average invoice of $671 for what they call a PC, that’s some $200B per year in machine sales alone, not even counting the many hundreds of billions of bucks for software and games to run on them. I think this dog can still hunt.

  6. Mats Hagglund says:

    Linux is dominating 94% of supercomputers, 85% of servers, 65% of tablets and 81% of smartphones.

    Those who are claiming that PC=IT are the only one who are claiming that Linux has failed. In real world the OS war is over and Linux won it.

    (clients are 80% mobiles now)

  7. dougman wrote, ” Linux is ubiquitous these days. “

    Thanks for the links. I used that first one in a post today. It’s about FLOSS making the world a better place.

  8. bw wrote, “I seem to remember that being said this time last year and the year before and the year before that.”

    Well, it is true that */Linux has done better every year since I started using it a long time ago. The uptake has been slowed by M$’s illegal tactics and retailers/OEM love of the trickle of money M$ allows them. Since that trickle has dried up, expect rapid growth.

  9. dougman says:

    WINDBAG, you are someone who is truly misguided, as Linux is ubiquitous these days.

    When you look at all the markets, LINUX is growing in each segment. In fact, Linux admin work one is one of the hottest trends these days.

    Recent M$ debacles with Windows-8 and its captive Surface devices are certainly encouraging this trend. It is good seeing that many companies are tired of being “abused” by M$ arrogance and apparently uncaring attitude, and are pursuing alternatives.

    To quote an old saying: “Sovereignty, once lost, can never be regained.”

  10. Yonah says:

    The moral of the story is: website traffic statistics are an unreliable method for determining OS usage. Especially when you’re only getting data from one source (StatCounter).

  11. bw says:

    This time next year */Linux will be too large to hide

    I seem to remember that being said this time last year and the year before and the year before that. When is the Year of the Linux? Why “next year!” of course.

    Some day in the future it is fairly certain that Microsoft will have become just a footnote in business history and Microsoft and Standard Oil will be discussed in class and Gates will live on in luxury just like Rockefeller before him and nothing will remain of either except for the Rockefeller Foundation and the Gates Foundation. Which has the most money, btw?

  12. Mats Hagglund says:

    Now the question is: if there were over 300 million American pc (portables/dekstops) then there have to be about 1.2 million ChromeBooks in U.S. That must be true because some 3 million ChromeBooks have already sold globally and e.g Amazon has sold lots of them in USA.

    On the other hand ChromeBook has not been very popular in Europe – so far. (price is too high and lack of shops selling it)

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