EU Using “Carrot And Stick” Approach To Modernize And To Maintain IT

The EU is formalizing ways of standardizing IT. “Standards and technical specifications in ICT ensure interoperability and promote open ICT ecosystems.”

Their consensus is described in a document, Rolling Plan On ICT Standardisation

Some highlights:

  • They want to standardize environmental impact measurements. Good luck, Wintel! Try getting the EU to chuck working PCs every 3 years and using thick clients everywhere. Try getting the EU to buy the latest Intel CPUs to heat their buildings. Try getting the EU to buy a whole new set of PCs just because M$ changes a file-format. “At the level of ICT multiple methodologies were present to assess the environmental impact of ICT itself but they didn’t provide a consistent methodological framework for this assessment. A solution to this is the work developed in various European and International standardisation bodies like ETSI , ITU-T , IEC , ISO and others around methodologies to asses this environmental impact, currently focused on energy management including energy consumption and GHG emis-
    sions, in a widely consented way.”
  • No more “divide and conquer”. Wintel can’t bypass EU standards by taking someone to lunch or dispatching the CEO to brow-beat leaders any longer. “The Rolling Plan moreover builds on the possibility to have relevant global ICT technical specifications available for use in Europe. The Regulation on European Standardisation 1025/2012, which came into force in January 2013, now offers the possibility to identify certain relevant ICT specifications, primarily to enable interoperability, under conditions defined in Articles 13 and 14. Identified ICT technical specifications get the status of common technical specifications and may be referenced by public procurers. The European Commission draws on this possibility with the “Guide for the procurement of standards-based ICT — Elements of Good Practice”
    (COM(2013) 455 and SWD(2013) 224). The Rolling Plan supports this Guide by identifying available standardisation activities, standards and tech-
    nical specifications in areas with policy relevance.”
  • WooHoo! They are even going to set up a “Stop M$’s Scams” hotline! “hotline for helping procurers to respect standardisation policy and to report bad practice”


See EC considering hotline for procurement errors.

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