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New Dell

Now that Dell is no longer a public corporation, is its attitude to FLOSS different? I poke around. The problems I used to have were an overly segmented website making it difficult to find the GNU/Linux PCs. That no longer … Continue reading

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Change Is The Spice Of Life

Hmmm… Spiceworks has done a survey from a variety of areas of business of IT professionals. Not surprisingly, the majority of them have some machines running XP a large percentage have some machines running “7” and a smaller percentage have … Continue reading

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Parade of Small Cheap Computers

Moore’s law works for everyone except Wintel these days. While users of ARMed CPUs get ever-lowering prices, Wintel is competing in a token manner at the low end while pushing ever more expensive “ultra” models… M$ keeps trying to “get … Continue reading

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From China With Love

China has become a powerhouse of industry. It’s part of everything we do these days. Consider shopping retail. I was looking for an item to buy as a Christmas present. I am cheap, really cheap…. A similar item in a … Continue reading

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Fans Take Notice! M$ Admits Windows Sloowwsss Dddooowwwwwnnnnnnnnn!

For years on this blog, fans of that other OS have stoutly denied that Windows slows down with use. I have seen it with my own eyes. I worked in a school where identical machines were in two camps, XP … Continue reading

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