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Remember the netbooks Walmart sold bearing GNU/Linux? They disappeared in a puff of M$’s smoke. Chuckle. Seen today:
Walmart.com_operating_systems_laptops Isn’t that a hoot? Don’t mention GNU/Linux but offer consumers a host of */Linux laptops… I find it interesting that of the 94 laptops listed in the $500+ category, Walmart only mentions the OS is that other OS on 59. 500_and_up_laptops_walmartThis is a new concept in bundling that other OS. Hide the price of the OS as best you can and don’t even mention the OS.

e.g. Item Description:
“Acer’s Aspire Series offers a diverse range of notebooks with the performance, graphics and communication tools to maximize your digital entertainment, complete your daily tasks, and keep you in touch with friends and family, whether you’re at home or on the go. Powerful PC performance. With the abundance of graphics-intensive multimedia and sharing applications available these days, smooth multitasking is more vital than ever before. So Aspire Series notebooks pack today’s best processors and memory options so your system always runs efficiently. This series also provides ample storage for all the multimedia files you may wish to keep.2QW4267. 4267. Acer Acer Aspire V3-731-B9604G50Maii 17.3″ LED Notebook – Intel Pentium 2.20 GHz.”
I had to use Google to find that device runs “8”.

Whatever works… At least */Linux is winning on price. 8 of those */Linux laptops are in the under-$250 categories. If you select laptops, not bundles or ultrabooks, the best-seller is a ChromeBook at $229. That’s why M$ is spending on attack-ads. 🙂

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  1. oe says:

    The lower “uptick” knee of the sigmoid adoption curve is coming on real quick now…..

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