Wait A Minute, StatCounter

Aodhan Cullen of StatCounter: “The perception is that tablets are proliferating and replacing traditional PC and laptop machines so we developed our research platform to isolate tablet usage stats. In reality we found that tablet internet usage globally at less than 5% is still relatively small compared to desktop and mobile.”

Let’s compare oranges with oranges. Shall we? StatCounter is measuring page-views which should be more or less linearly related to installed-base. Tablets have been on the go for many years but it’s only in the last couple of years that their sales/shipments have exploded. StatCounter’s installed base includes every PC made in the last 6 years or more and perhaps some as old as 10 years. What needs to be compared is the rate of change of StatCounter’s stats with shipment rates. They agree pretty well.

Look at the rate of growth of Android/Linux globally according to StatCounter. It’s a fairly constant rate for the last year or more, about 0.55% per month increase. Meanwhile iOS and that other OS are actually decreasing. It won’t take many months before Android/Linux takes a huge share, with more than a million activations per day. At this rate, the 5% StatCounter’s creator is blathering about will be taken over again by Android/Linux tablets, or smartphones. See? in the last five months Android/Linux’s share has doubled against Tablet, Mobile and Desktop OS… The installed base of that other OS is huge but declining steadily. 5% is nothing. It will be forgotten a year from now. Already, developers and web-sites accommodate Android/Linux because it is the future whether on tablets, smartphones or desktops.

See New StatCounter data finds that tablet internet usage is less than 5% globally.

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5 Responses to Wait A Minute, StatCounter

  1. Yonah says:

    If you read the actual report at http://www.incapsula.com/the-incapsula-blog/item/820-bot-traffic-report-2013 , you’d see that 31% of that 61% are “good bots”, on a 55% increase over the previous year.

  2. dougman says:

    Well lets see… since Windows OS is VERY insecure and the proliferation of botnets is a Windows problem, it could be done on purpose to skew data.

    More-so , roughly 60 percent of all Internet traffic now comes from bots. M$ fights off bots, but with such a mess that Windows, botnets will never go away.

    Linux users don’t have time for that crap, so it is of no concern to us.

  3. Mats Hagglund says:

    How much are Windows botnets corrupting statistics of StatCounter?

  4. ram says:

    They have to be mistaken. Every server I administer and every server my friends administer shows Android/Linux usage at well over half the page views. This is across a huge range of industries; from heavy industrial equipment down to consumer trinkets. Statcounter has NO CRED!

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