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Wait A Minute, StatCounter

Aodhan Cullen of StatCounter: “The perception is that tablets are proliferating and replacing traditional PC and laptop machines so we developed our research platform to isolate tablet usage stats. In reality we found that tablet internet usage globally at less … Continue reading

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M$’s Lock On Ireland Crumbles

“Ireland’s Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) is using award criteria to galvanise ICT service providers to offer solutions based on free and open source. In two linked requests for tender in October and November, the organisation writes that it wants … Continue reading

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I Don’t Care What They Say, X Is Wonderful

Lately there has been a lot of negativity around X11, the networked display technology used in GNU/Linux. Folks want to replace it with something newer because of its “shortcomings”. Last night I had some fun with it. I was using … Continue reading

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