Budapest District Loves FLOSS

In spite of the trolls who proclaim that other OS and its “partners” are essential to IT, another city announces that it has been using a lot of FLOSS for everything for years.
“Karay was one of the presenters at the conference organised by the country’s open source resource centre, which took place in Budapest last week.
The city district administration uses the Linux operating system, to run 9 out of its 12 servers. Of the 200 workstations in use in the district’s offices, 40 are running Linux. LibreOffice is used on all 200 workstations.”

“Implementing LibreOffice was not too difficult, nor did it require a lot of training. For the IT department, one of the added benefits is that the office suite and its menus are easily managed centrally, including across proprietary and open source operating systems. “Having used the office suite for five years now, we now know nearly all tricks, and that helps overcome issues with document in incompatible electronic formats.””

The necessity to use that other OS for anything is a myth, unsupported by facts. Open standards are what people need to function in the real world, not monopoly. If you are not already using FLOSS, I recommend Debian GNU/Linux as an operating system, LibreOffice as an office suite, FireFox as a browser and VLC as a media player. Whatever else you do has a FLOSS solution as well. Check out packages available for Debian GNU/Linux.

See Budapest district debunks misgivings over open source.

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2 Responses to Budapest District Loves FLOSS

  1. dougman says:

    Today I read:

    One of the biggest complaints from customers I here regarding M$ was the complexity of licensing, with some joking that a degree in the discipline is needed to get close to making sense of it.

    “When I speak to customers they always moan that buying software, particularly with M$, is too complex,”.

    I actually had a vanilla VM move yesterday that resulted in a properly licensed Windows 7 Pro system claiming that the license had to be validated again and then claiming the license, which I got directly from M$ and has been working for years, has to be validated by phone.

    Anyone who has undergone the torture of validation by phone will understand that I elected to do otherwise. I used a (legitimate) hack to extend the license while I move whatever was on there to Linux.

    I spent literally more than 12 hours upgrading a Windows 8 machine yesterday and the vast majority of that time is attributable 100% to M$ belligerence.

    M$ will never stop until they have ruined you. I strongly suggest anyone do as I have done/am doing — retire your M$ systems entirely and move to open source.

    Like many, people are stuck in the MS ecosystem. As someone else mentioned before to me, they felt like they were not a customer, but a hostage.

  2. dougman says:

    Windows OS nor M$ are required for IT. I always have to chuckle when some M$ IT idiot claims that “Businesses NEED Windows”

    The ONLY people that proclaim such drivel are those that have face in the game, Dr. Loser and BW both have stated to such by trolling here, as it is profitable for them to continue pushing stupid IT on the ignorant masses.

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