Vying For The Smallest Thin Client Computer With The Largest Screens

When I first saw this thin client, my first thought was “How can this work?!?!”. Darned that black-holes-on-black-bodies problem. “Ceptor is an ultra-small, full featured thin client device that transforms any HDMI monitor or display into a thin client. The Ceptor has integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability, USB-B micro host port, and includes HD 1080P video output.”
This image from the manual illustrates how all that happens:
It’s basically a connector with all the right stuff inside and it’s covered with sockets… Basically, it mounts on the monitor by plugging into the HDMI port, turning the device into a big screen wireless thin client.

According to Devon IT, and consistent with my experience as a teacher, this thing, combined with any HDMI monitor/TV should fit right in with education. It’s also hard to keep in stock with so many organizations loving large displays in random places. It has all the advantages of a thin client and it’s simple to connect to any of the large screens. Priced at US $99, there’s plenty of profit in it yet it’s still affordable. Again FLOSS works for everyone. It runs GNU/Linux.

See Ceptor.

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