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Summing Up Munich’s Migration To GNU/Linux

Munich has a pretty good write-up on the whole project. I find only a few minor errors: While they claim success and detail the evolution of their detailed grand plan, they had to revise it more than once as they … Continue reading

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Top 7 – NOT!

Statcounter manages to list the top 7 operating systems in USA without mentioning */Linux. Here, let me help you dig it out of “other”: “Other” is mostly */Linux. Notice that all of ChromeOS, GNU/Linux, and Android/Linux moved up sharply with … Continue reading

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Diversity Is Good, Even In PBR

PBR (Point Blank Range) is a concept useful for hunters. It is the maximum range at which you “can’t miss” without adjusting sights for range. To the uninitiated, a bullet moves somewhat like a baseball, only faster. Despite great speed, … Continue reading

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8-core CPUs For Smartphones

Well, one of the things using FLOSS does is allow one to spend more on hardware and less on software… “A number of first-tier China-based handset vendors are to unveil their new models powered by MediaTek’s 8-core CPUs prior to … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason To Use Debian GNU/Linux

While it has long been assumed that users of GNU/Linux were less likely to encounter malware, the knowledge that the government of the USA is out to get us has focused minds on the software we use. GNU/Linux, being open … Continue reading

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Dave At City of Largo Reports Looking At NX and LibreOffice 4.1

While the trolls here constantly tell us how essential that other OS is people in the real world keep rolling along comfortably with GNU/Linux, LibreOffice and making unfettered (by M$’s EULA) use of the hardware they own. “We jumped on … Continue reading

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Christmas Comes Early For Linux Operating Systems

GNU/Linux as itself and as Chrome OS is growing and Android/Linux is taking off like a rocket. It looks as if many could not wait for Christmas to buy something shiny and new.

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Oh Those Pesky Netbooks!

Remember 2007? That was the year ASUS threw Netbooks at the world and they stuck. They were running GNU/Linux and sold out globally. ASUS had to double and redouble production to keep up with demand. Then M$ interfered with market … Continue reading

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Trendy Ubuntu GNU/Linux

According to Google, “Ubuntu” is a breakout search: It’s certainly getting global coverage compared to most other distros. It pays to advertise.

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Acer Rumour: R&D Guy To Run PC Sales Unit

That’s a switch. Instead of salesmen messing with the tech, the techies may actually produce what consumers want… Perhaps Acer could leave M$ in its wake of innovation. We shall see. “Acer reportedly is also looking to integrate its R&D … Continue reading

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Walmart Has Me Zeroed In

To “zero in” in firearms means to be able to place the projectile on the target at a given range. Walmart certainly knows me quite well. Perhaps they know everyone… In a recent e-mail, they sent me 4 links: Item … Continue reading

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Global Triumph Of */Linux In 2013

It’s not as if */Linux dominated everything in every way. */Linux did dominate everything but the desktop in every way. The big thing that happened in 2013 is that */Linux took huge share of retail shelf-space at last and has … Continue reading

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