Countering The USA’s NSA

The USA calls their NSA, The National Security Agency. The NSA is not about security at all but insecurity. Spying on innocents is an act of war.“If all of the known National Security Agency surveillance wasn’t enough, the organization infected 50,000 computer networks with malware that could "steal sensitive information" according to new slides published by the Danish paper, NRC.”nsa1024 While the problem is huge, it is possible to fix. Every nation on Earth should be outraged by the USA and take these steps:

  • Set up economic sanctions against USA including:
    • Cashing in all treasury bonds from USA,
    • Stop all interbank transfers just as the USA called for Iran,
    • ban all trade in goods and services with the USA or USAian corporations,
    • fork all FLOSS projects headquartered in USA if they will not voluntarily relocate,
    • ban all software from Microsoft and “partners” headquartered in USA, including Google, whom we cannot trust if they are subject to USAian laws promoting NSA,
    • prosecute for espionage all collaborators who helped NSA undermine communications and security globally,
    • terminate all peace, military, cooperation and trade agreements with USA,
    • block flights, trucks, shipments or vessels to or from USA, and
    • bar entry to all persons bearing USAian passports.
  • Seek out and undo all alterations of communications networks worldwide sponsored by the NSA, and
  • Replace all satellites forming part of the global networks.

How long do you think the NSA would continue its reign of terror if the world stood up to the USA like this? Not even a few months. The NSA would be shut down by the very people who set it up out of their own sense of self-interest.

See Report: NSA-planted malware spans five continents, 50,000 computer networks | Ars Technica.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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6 Responses to Countering The USA’s NSA

  1. bw says:

    …pail of water…

    Not very apropos to this situation. The USA is more like the pail than the thumb. Without a pail, how long would it take you to carry a bucket of water up the hill?

    There used to be a sort of bipolar situation with the USSR on one end and the US on the other. Now it is pretty much unipolar. Things looked pretty rosy and everyone was prospering everywhere once the USSR broke up.

    Then the asymmetry of the world order was revealed on 9/11. Similar sorts of events, albeit mostly smaller in scale, started happening in many other countries including the old USSR and also Western Europe.

    That got NSA busy, along with partners in other countries. A lot of conspiracies, many of them really malicious, have been uncovered in the past decade and steps taken to thwart them. It is not just NSA either. You may have noticed that a lot of the information collected by NSA was via other countries’ networks and shared with others.

    Complain all that you want, but you have to understand that little countries like Canada and Australia do not really have a seat at the table with the big guys. No nukes, no clout. It is best to become very friendly with a country that can be your rabbi.

    For you guys that is the USA and you should show more respect. Your government leaders do.

  2. oiaohm wrote, “bw really are you foolish enough not to think for one min that the USA has not already lost.”

    A line from a recent movie comes to mind… The boss reminds the troops that all are replaceable. “Stick your finger in a pail of water”, pull it out and see how long it takes the water to replace you. The USA is a big thumb in the eye of the whole world but it is replaceable. I do not claim the world would be a better place if USA disappeared but certainly their spying would not be missed by many. The USA is a pendulum when it comes to isolationism/interventionism. It has gone way too far towards interventionism since ~war in Viet Nam. They don’t seem to realize that behaving other than as a democratic country, part of the world, is the wrong thing to do. They want to eliminate competition rather than compete, just like M$ and other failing ideas. They are willing to deny the rest of the world the rights they proclaim are inalienable. Strange… Stranger still is that a nation forged on freedom encourages M$ and others to take away freedom from everyone.

  3. oiaohm says:

    bw really are you foolish enough not to think for one min that the USA has not already lost.

    The reality is the USA would ground to a major halt if china stopped doing business with the USA. China does have the means to return fire in case of nuke strikes. Also destroying china with Nukes also would destroy USA future. China destroying the USA with nukes as long as they can stop the weapons coming in their direction they will be fine.

    China has remember how critical manufacture is.

    China has been very pissed over contracts from their companies being blocked. Even that china is willing to hand over full source and specs of the devices. It makes sense right the one behind sabotaging China contracts with other countries like Australia is the NSA.

    Why has the USA already lost do you want to live in a USA if China refuses to underwrite any more USA loans.

  4. dougman says:

    BW, the world is rejecting the petro-dollar, going long with bitcoin and giving America the finger for trying to run the world. Empires come and go, and ours will be no different.

  5. bw says:

    How long do you think the NSA would continue its reign of terror if the world stood up to the USA like this?

    How far would you want to push your luck? Some country or group of countries trying to deliberately harm the good people of the USA would have to be able to stand up to considerable military pressure, from losing all their ability to sail the seven seas or fly in an airplane to facing nuclear holocaust in spades. A simple non-aggression pact alliance of China, Russia, and the US would put all of you chumps in dire straits making the British colonies look like a paradise. How would Canada fare if all of its power generating facilities disappeared in a span of, say, 30 minutes one afternoon?

  6. luvr says:

    Just nit-picking, but NRC is a Dutch, not a Danish, paper.

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