It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This: Unanimity

I am rightfully cynical about politicians. They can do the worst things for political gain. However, the parliamentarians of Andalusia seem to be on the right track:
“The parliament of Spain’s autonomous region of Andalusia is urging the region’s government to switch to free and open source software, passing a resolution unanimously last week Thursday. The parliament wants the region to use this type of solutions to increase intergovernmental co-operation and information exchange.”

This is a “green light” for all the IT people to carpet Andalusia’s systems with FLOSS working with open standards. There should be no “top down” dictator holding back the adoption of GNU/Linux and FLOSS applications. Expect a more or less complete migration within a couple of years. Expect local businesses to be kept busy helping out. This is great news for Spain. I would bet other regions will be watching to see how it goes.

They are not the first to dive in, however. Extremadura did it first in two stages: schools and then all offices. Good for Spain.

See Parliament in Spain's Andalusia unanimously for open source.

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