GNU/Linux Desktops In Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland’s fourth-largest city, is considering a switch to open source desktop PCs. "The time has come to evaluate a migration, by launching a pilot project on 5 workstations", the city announced on 14 November. "Free and open source software is becoming more mature, user-friendly and compatible with other environments."

This move is long overdue. They could have avoided waves of malware, file-format-whiplash, re-re-reboots, Vista, and “8” if they had switched years ago but it’s better late than never. The longer one uses that other OS the harder it is to migrate to FLOSS. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux as it has a huge following, world-wide support, huge world-wide repositories and a great package manager.

See Swiss Lausanne piloting open source desktops.

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