Chromebooks Eating M$’s Lunch

“When I reviewed the Acer C720 Chromebook I came away impressed with what you could get for $249.99. The Haswell Celeron processor ran Chrome OS nicely and the 4GB of system RAM moved things right along. Acer is extending the C720 line with the newly announced C720-2848 for just $199.99.”

See Acer offers cheapest Chromebook with Haswell for $199.99.

That’s the ballgame, folks. When Acer can offer a notebook PC for ~$200, running ChromeOS, no other OEM will be able to compete at that price while paying M$ for permission for the customer to run the machine. A huge segment of users of PCs will be happy with such a machine because they can hang around FaceBook all day while sending and receiving music, images and video. The webcam’s 1280×720… If my little woman could use Google Docs, this thing would meet all her needs. I would bet she could learn.

A $200 notebook, at this time, just before Christmas, is a killer device. Expect a lot to be stocking stuffers or gifts and many people will be able to afford two of these for the price of one with that other OS… OH HO HO! Merry Christmas!

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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12 Responses to Chromebooks Eating M$’s Lunch

  1. ram says:

    “Brand recognition” mean little in Australia, even less southeast asia. Our biggest trading partner by far is China. New brands show up from there all the time. Some should have had a native English speaker evaluate them first: “Golden Stream” comes to mind. Several have been memorable for their humor, deliberate or not 😉

  2. dougman says:

    I was just waking up when I wrote that and I do believe that BW is attempting to add the ‘grammar nazi’ merit badge to his trolling sash

    Yes BW, surely nothing you ever do, has any effect glad we agree.

    BW states “I don’t believe…, I don’t care…” See now we know where BW is coming from. We do not need to show you any proof, you just refuse to see whats in front of your fat head, why should I or anyone else cast thy pearls before swine?

  3. bw says:

    they comes here into a Linux blog, spewing their verbal diarrhea in hopes to keep the ranks fo Windows consumers at bay

    A rather cheesy spelling and grammar checker in your bag, dougman! lol Is it FLOSS?

    Surely nothing that I could do here would have the slightest effect on the future fortunes of Microsoft or Red Hat or any OEM. If you fancy yourself as some sort of Horatius at the Bridge, defending Linux from the “trolls”, you are even weirder than your fantasies of saving the IT day show you to be.

    That aside, I don’t believe that HP or Lenovo or any other PC vendor sells any “GNU/Linux” at all and only a small amount of Linux, next to none of it in the Western world. It is frequently suggested that Linux is the rage in China, but none of the advocates here can muster any proof beyond articles in Chinese language that seem to refer to Linux. I don’t really care about those anyway. It is the units sold in North America and Western Europe that generate virtually all of the profits in the entire business.

    There is no sort of domino theory either, wherein a Linux success in some corner of the Third World would spur more affluent people to want to buy.

  4. dougman says:

    I second Robert.

    Never hear people asking for Windows specifically, only Android or sometimes iPhone.

    The ONLY people that EVER say that they or you NEED Windows, are M$ invested IT idiots.

    BW, Dr. Loser and the other trolls, have a vested interest in the Windows hegemony, lets not forget that and they comes here into a Linux blog, spewing their verbal diarrhea in hopes to keep the ranks fo Windows consumers at bay.

  5. bw wrote, ” Brand recognition is one of the most important aspects of retail selling. Linux has none.”

    HP, Lenovo and others have brand-recognition and they sell a lot of GNU/Linux. I don’t know anyone who buys a PC because that other OS is on it. They usually by a PC because they need a personal computer.

  6. bw says:

    so people choose the cheaper one. It’s the same with cars, soap, etc

    Do they really do that in rural Canada? I know a bunch of Canadians who come down here for the winter and they don’t act like that at all. They seem to favor Mercedes over BMW, but they do have a conservative bent. Most of them are from Quebec and some from Toronto.

    Most places on the planet do care a lot about these things, though. Brand recognition is one of the most important aspects of retail selling. Linux has none. Android has a lot. Windows has a lot. The results show it.

  7. ram says:

    Certainly in Australia the Chromebooks are really moving. I think the “average Joe” customer notices the Chromebook has a bigger higher resolution screen, a better build quality, and cost less than 1/2 (often less than 1/3) the price. Plus, they hear from their friends that they are very happy with Chromebooks and Linux.

    So perceived quality, price, and word of mouth, do actually influence sales.

  8. bw wrote, ” The world doesn’t want to buy cheap.”

    Of course they do. Many consumers, given choice, will pick the option with the better price/performance. There’s very little difference in performance between a $400 tablet and a $200 tablet, so people choose the cheaper one. It’s the same with cars, soap, etc.

  9. dougman says:

    Chromebooks have more apps then oh lets see, WINDOWS RT.

    “Regardless, there are lots of reasons to prefer a Chromebook to a Windows laptop.

    Boot speed (While Windows 8 made great strides here, even the lowest end Chromebook’s boot speed rivals a high-end Windows 8 laptop)
    Security… the way Chromebooks work make long term hacks nearly impossible as it is built on gentoo Linux.

    Maintenance…. updates occur in seconds between logons. The simplicity of the whole approach makes problems that seem to plague Windows simply not happen. Problems like improper drivers, virus, malware and trojans. A problem like this simply doesn’t occur on a Chromebook.)

    Easy to use central control. Windows laptops require specialized administrators to lock down machines in an educational environment. A “power-user” teacher can easily handle Chromebooks.

    Synchronization. I daily use multiple Chromebooks… everything is automatically everywhere.

    Cost, but not quite in the way you may think. Due to the nature of the operating system and the software used on top of it, Windows 8 will always need a lot of RAM and disk. This means a machine like the Bay Trail Laptop Toshiba announced for $379 had to have a large hard drive, which means a mechanical drive, which means you have to have a fan and uses a lesser processor to meet the price point. (And of course you have to pay the Microsoft Tax.)

    The $299 Chromebook has a bigger display and a faster processor.

    It has the same amount of RAM, and a 16gb SSD (if you want to carry a huge number of media files with you, just use an SD-card — get up to 128gb).”

  10. lpbbear says:

    bLOwHARD dribbles down his chin…..again: “Quit being so cheap and get a touch of class. Then people will pay some attention.”

    Quit being such a pompous ahole and perhaps people will actually tolerate you being in the same room with them…..well probably not but give it a shot anyway.

  11. bw says:

    That’s the ballgame, folks.

    Oh, pshaw! If that were true, we would all be driving Yugos. The world doesn’t want to buy cheap. It makes them look cheap. Who wants to be a chump like that? You can buy a piece of junk with a no-name OS and a bunch of cheesy apps for under $200. So what?

    You can do the same with one of the Android tablets for under $70 and even less on the inevitable close-out sale.

    Quit being so cheap and get a touch of class. Then people will pay some attention.

  12. dougman says:

    WEBRTC, will make M$ acquisition of Skype look stupid.

    Who needs Skype, when I can fire up my own room and video chat for free.

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