*/Linux Did Well In 2013

Even StatCounter, which undercounts */Linux severely, shows the trends:

  • ChromeOS/Linux grew 500%! Well, it grew 100% since the push to have it accepted by OEMs in mid-2013.
  • Android/Linux grew 300%!
  • GNU/Linux grew 35%!

Those may seem good but not spectacular numbers until you realize that’s over all client operating systems visiting StatCounter’s herd, a sample of nearly 2 billion clients. It means altogether */Linux has ~65million clients. We know that’s low because of the Android/Linux smartphone and tablet shipments… Meanwhile, Wintel is declining severely. Whatever. It’s been a great year and these web-stats show only the tip of the iceberg.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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9 Responses to */Linux Did Well In 2013

  1. bw wrote, ” it is not very accurate to say Chromebooks are dominant.”

    3 or 4 models of notebooks bearing Chrome OS/Linux showing dramatic growth while dozens of models bearing that other OS are losing share is dramatic. Continued for another year and there will be no debate. FLOSS is the right way to do IT. It costs less and that’s important. Chromebooks are seen as low maintenance by users, too, a big plus. A number of important factors causes Chromebooks to dominate the market. Wintel, meanwhile, cranks out bigger, thinner and more expensive notebooks that fewer people want each year. The market speaks. Listen.

  2. bw says:

    Shipments of under-$300 PCs are dominated by Chromebooks

    I believe the article everyone is citing said 24%. So what is the other 76%? Windows of course. With Windows ahead by a 3 to 1 margin, it is not very accurate to say Chromebooks are dominant.

  3. bw wrote, “also means that one to five out of 10,000 (.01% – .05%) people are using a chromebook today. “

    The biggest share of ChromeBooks is in schools in USA. I know schools. They use NAT. They use proxies. They use caches. So, the web-stats of page-views does not mean much… especially when we are told that a high percentage of schools use ChromeBooks. Of course that does not mean 22% of page-views from those schools are from ChromeOS and it doesn’t mean that 22% of PCs in those schools are ChromeBooks. All it means is that the number of Chromebooks in schools is not a piddling number. Shipments of under-$300 PCs are dominated by Chromebooks. Schools love small cheap computers. Classrooms were not designed for big expensive computers. Labs too, cannot even handle the heat from 4KW of PCs. I was in one school where sweat would be dripping from my nose if 24 teenagers and 24 P4ish PCs were running in my lab even in the middle of winter. We had to open the windows which we could not do on a windy day at -45C. I was only in one school that had a lab with cooling and because we used thin clients and multiseat X we never used cooling except in hot weather.

  4. dougman says:

    RT’s have a limited application base and hardware compatibility. I am sure BW, the M$ stalwart, will rush out and buy twenty. I will bet in 5+ years those Chromebooks will still be be viable.

    For something as the RT doing so well, then why the price drop? That is a sign of desperation to offload and dump them on the market, but even still no one wants them.

    See with Windows, nothing ever changes. Each version is just a cesspool of malware.



  5. oiaohm says:

    bw MS trolls and suspect statistics. Did you not read the artical completely before quoting again??????
    –To be fair, AdDuplex’s stats skew towards Windows RT devices, since the firm’s ads appear in modern-style apps, which users of the full-blown Windows 8 operating system rarely use. —
    Right its only Windows stats. Is there anything else that could cause Windows RT to grow yet its Market share not really changed at all.

    Simple more people using Android devices so using their PC less. So less PC ads countered. So by magic of stats RT would grow even if there was not growth.

    bw are you going to say people who own a smart phone now who did not before are not going to have different Internet behaviour??

    So are price cuts working who knows with those crappy numbers. IDC numbers are not reporting that much growth.
    Heck the numbers here make Stats counter look like gold quality stats because they are so crap you really cannot read anything out of them.

    Now if price cuts are working we have started the race to the bottom. End users don’t to wish and will not wish to pay as much.

    bw fact in the size of the Internet next time.

    2,405,518,376 users /10000 then * 5.
    So just over 1202759 1 million people is possible. bw so there are more people using chromebooks than some small countries.

    5 out of every 10 000 is a lot of people.

  6. bw says:

    As you brought up Chrome and by your figuring that only 1-5:10,000 users only using Google’s browser, that seems to conflict that the following revelation that Google Chrome maintains 34% market share in browser usage currently. Flies in the face of what you just stated, eh?

    I have never seen anyone work so hard at being a fool, dougster. Congratulations, I guess! Pogson brought up the notion, if you bother to read for comprehension of what is going on. He said that the leap from .01% of user share to .05% of user share represents a 500% increase in share, which it does, but also means that one to five out of 10,000 (.01% – .05%) people are using a chromebook today.

    As to RT:

  7. dougman says:

    Since you want to get technical, three years is not very much time in the technological sense, hell, even M$ took 20-years to become truly relevant 1975 – 1995 when Windows 95 was introduced.

    Android started in 2003 and is now the dominate smartphone OS in the world: http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/31/strategy-analytics-q3-2013-phone-share/

    RT tablet?? Surely you jest…no one uses those damn things, even the last update bricked many peoples devices.

    Also, there are barely any applications that run on Windows RT, so just RETURN IT. Even you M$ man Preston agrees: http://blogs.computerworld.com/tablets/22865/microsofts-surface-2-shows-why-windows-rt-will-die

    As you brought up Chrome and by your figuring that only 1-5:10,000 users only using Google’s browser, that seems to conflict that the following revelation that Google Chrome maintains 34% market share in browser usage currently. Flies in the face of what you just stated, eh?


    So with ~2.4B world-wide users on the web, that makes for ~900M users of Chrome.

    On top of that, Google has saw fit to include ChromeOS in Windows 8 as well, nothing like stealing users away from M$:

    So yes, Linux is doing VERY well these days.

  8. bw says:

    •ChromeOS/Linux grew 500%!

    I think you are being way too overly kind in putting so much lipstick on this pig! If you take the least bit of effort, you find that Chrome OS is much older than you suggest. See:


    So three and a half years after its heralded debut by Google, you could take any 10,000 PC users and likely find one using Chrome. Big Whoop!

    Today, you may find as many as 5 and you are thrilled? As someone pointed out elsewhere, you can find 10 times that many using an RT tablet. Hard to be happy about that if you are a ChromeOS fan.

  9. dougman says:

    Trainwrecks such as M$ take time to slow down and come to a final stop. All the money they have been stealing from consumers has given it lots of steam.

    Speaking of Steam, Valve is looking to coming out with its own custom LINUX OS and also a gaming system to replace XBOX.

    Also, Elop (NOKIA) is being slated for CEO of M$ and there are talks of doing away with XBOX and BING, as those do not generate any money. Whereby, M$ only focuses on Windows and Office.

    “Some people are still in denial about the rise of the Linux operating system with the Chrome Web browser interface, Chrome OS, and its hardware: the Chromebooks. The experts say, however, it’s the one segment of the PC market that’s growing while everything else shrinks.”

    “Linux is efficient. It runs on hardware several years old and outperforms Windows. You can set up a Virtual Machine running Windows XP (should that be your desire) within Linux, assign only 196Mb of RAM and it will perform better than a ‘real’ XP computer containing 1Gb!”

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