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Like Father Like Son

Maybe not. My son and I have some things in common but in many ways we are different but we cannot escape our heritage. We are who we are because of whence we came and what happened along the way. … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux is right for you

A familiar tale: “I installed the Windows 8.1 update on my Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook. The results have been disastrous: screen-resolution problems, error-prone VPN clients, iTunes crashes, sleep-mode oddities, and BSODs. Issues before 8.1: zero.Needless to say, I’m more exasperated … Continue reading

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Recommending FLOSS

All over the world, consumers have been seeing web-pages with “recommend”-that-other-OS in the top right corner, while something else is offered below, prominently. The result is inevitable. While M$ spends $billions on advertising, it’s market share is shrinking. It’s not … Continue reading

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Linux Smartphones Take 82% of the market in Russia

According to IDC, “Android represented 73.3% share of the market in OS terms. Samsung’s Bada, a version of Linux, came second with 9.0% market share, but sales are declining. Windows held its ground in third position with 8.6% market share, … Continue reading

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Unbundling The OS

I noticed a system being sold by NCIX, one of my favourite suppliers. They usually sell Wintel but they do offer parts and no-OS systems, but today I noticed a system where the OS is optional and they tell you … Continue reading

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