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Struggle for Freedom in El Salvador

For most of my adult life El Salvador has been in the news as a troubled place surrounded by violence and oppression. There are positive signs like this one: Despite hundreds of years of Spanish, USAian imperialism and tyrants the … Continue reading

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Unbundling M$’s Revenue From OEMs For The Desktop

Revenue 2013 2012 Licensing $19,021m $19,495m “D&C Licensing revenue decreased $474 million or 2%, due mainly to lower revenue from licenses of Consumer Office and Windows OEM, offset in part by increased Windows Phone revenue. Consumer Office revenue declined $618 … Continue reading

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FLOSS Inspires Diversification In Hardware For Small Cheap Computers

Never has IT been more diverse. All kinds of units are shipping today with single, dual, quad and penta 32bit cores, but soon 64bit cores will be everywhere and there will be a few octal cored chips. It took Intel … Continue reading

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European Governments Are So Much Fun!

“the European Commission received some two hundred studies, outlining plans for switching one of its Directorates General to open source, implementing this type of software solutions on servers as well as desktops. The case studies were composed by IT candidates, … Continue reading

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I thought it strange that was released into the wild and promptly fell flat even though a few people were able to sign up. That indicates scalability problems rather than faults in algorithms and data-structures. “ was originally planned … Continue reading

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The World According to StatCounter

As much as I believe StatCounter’s data is biased in various ways, it is interesting to see how the shares of page-views change over time. Within an order of magnitude, they do describe reality. Further, we can combine M$’s public … Continue reading

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HP Perfects the All-in-One PC And It Runs Android/Linux

Need a 21-inch monitor? How about a PC bundled with that including Android/Linux for $400?“The screen is the Slate 21’s strong-point. A 21.5-inch, 1920 x 1080 IPS LCD affair, it’s bright enough for indoor use. It’s sharp, colourful and good … Continue reading

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Monopoly of Client PC Market Died in 2013

I hate to beat an old drum but, according to Canalys, “The worldwide client PC market grew 18% in Q3 2013, despite desktop and notebook shipments continuing to decline. Tablet PC shipments accounted for 40% of PC shipments in Q3 … Continue reading

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Barriers and Benefits Of FLOSS In The Government of Australia

I am glad to hear that there is widespread consideration of using FLOSS including GNU/Linux in government in Australia. It’s been “The Dark Continent” for news on the web. On the one hand, the powers that be, CIOs and such, … Continue reading

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Which Is The Accessory And Which Is The GoTo Technology?

I just read that more than 1 billion smartphones may be shipped in 2014. When about ¼ as many legacy PCs ship, which is the accessory? If you hammer all day on the legacy PC, it must be the GoTo … Continue reading

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Small Cheap Computers Walmart Is Pushing

I received an ad from Walmart: Interesting features of the ad are that 3 of the 4 PCs being pushed are not that other OS, the “first” two (on the left) are ChromeBooks ($230 and $248), and the last of … Continue reading

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Countering The USA’s NSA

The USA calls their NSA, The National Security Agency. The NSA is not about security at all but insecurity. Spying on innocents is an act of war.“If all of the known National Security Agency surveillance wasn’t enough, the organization infected … Continue reading

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