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I can relate to this: aging moderator, getting tired, having other things to do… “I’ve decided to try and see if anyone might be interested in buying and doing something with my domain and site. So, today, I’m posting this … Continue reading

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Saudi Government Versus Women

Saudi Arabia is an interesting country. Hammered out of nomadic tribal regions living a Stone Age existence in the 1920s with Islam as a unifying force, Saudi Arabia has one foot in the Middle Ages and another in the 21st … Continue reading

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Maple, Yes Another One

I just received a notice in my in-box from the government of Manitoba: “MAPLE is an online professional learning environment that will link teachers from across the province and allow them to access the latest curriculum, share learning resources and … Continue reading

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M$ Denigrates Hackers

From M$’s latest 10-Q: “Hackers develop and deploy viruses, worms, and other malicious software programs that attack our products and services and gain access to our networks and data centers. Groups of hackers may also act in a coordinated manner … Continue reading

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Linux Default File-Caching Tune-up

Recently Linus and friends focused on a throwback to the age of small RAM PCs, file-caching was managed according to a percentage of RAM. This caused huge files to be cached on writes, clogging up the I/O system. I have … Continue reading

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LightWorks Catches Up With GNU/Linux

I was disappointed with the “beta” release for GNU/Linux. It seemed “alpha” to me and was very awkward to install. There’s news of a new release for December, synchronized for That Other OS and GNU/Linux. It should be smoother this … Continue reading

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Thar She Blows!

The great whale of M$ has emerged from the depths of its accounting department with a 10-Q: “D&C Licensing revenue decreased $335 million or 7%, due mainly to lower revenue from licenses of Windows OEM and Consumer Office, offset in … Continue reading

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Infant Mortality Strikes SolusOS

There are some who claim there are too many distros created for silly reasons. Today, one died young, SolusOS. It was created in February: “SolusOS is a beginner-friendly desktop Linux distribution based on the latest stable release of Debian GNU/Linux. … Continue reading

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85M More Tablet PCs Will Ship In 2013 Than Notebooks

“Overall global tablet PC shipments are expected to reach more than 255 million units in 2013, capturing nearly 60 percent of the mobile PC market. The once-dominant standard notebook PC segment is forecast to fall to 160 million units, making … Continue reading

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Finland Gets Free/Libre Open Source Software

“The advantage of open source is that it enables organisations to work together to develop a system without limits, contracts or procedures.” That’s the same flexibility that works for schools in the North, big and small businesses and individuals. It … Continue reading

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French Interior Ministry: Free Software Costs Much Less

“France’s Ministry of the Interior says its use of Thunderbird, a free software email client, running on its 200 000 PCs since 2008, is five times cheaper than the use of the ubiquitous proprietary alternative.” see French Interior Ministry: open … Continue reading

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The World Of IT Clients Is Spinning Faster Than Ever

Chuckle. While M$ creates machinations that take years to fulfil, Digitimes is reporting that product life-cycles (in the manufacturer’s side) have been cut in half this year, now being just three months. Meanwhile, in EMEA, shipments of legacy PCs still … Continue reading

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