Small Cheap Computers Swamp The Consumer Electronics Market

“Consumer demand for smartphones and tablets has been flourishing in the past few years while sales growth for CE products has languished in the doldrums. The fact that these two product categories are on their own able to generate more OEM factory revenue than the entire CE market illustrates the overwhelming popularity of smartphones and tablets. Meanwhile, the CE market has gone flat, with many of the major product types experiencing either low growth or declines in revenue during the past six years.”

see Combined Smartphone and Tablet Factory Revenue to Exceed Entire Consumer Electronics Market This Year.

That includes legacy desktop and notebook PCs… So, small cheap computers are not going away and Wintel is shrinking as a share of IT and units shipped. This is a good thing. It means the end of monopoly and a thriving market for consumer IT. At my local Walmart, Wintel is down to ~25% of shelf-space. The desktop Wintel PCs aren’t even unboxed. They are under the counter. I expect that within a few years, it will be hard to find a Wintel PC for sale, except on the used market. The legacy hardware still has a place. They are the mainframe of personal computing, but M$ has no role to play. No one needs them any longer, if they ever did.

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